Top Ways to Control Work Related Anger

It is not uncommon to lose your cool while at work or at the office. The pressure of deadlines, the tension of going wrong and the difficult client can all come together to make you reach your boiling point and then the anger might just explode. But it is very important to keep the anger in control to be able to conduct yourself as expected at work.

After all anger taken out on office supplies isn’t the answer or the solution of your problems. You must learn to bring the boiling temperatures down and maintain your cool at work. The following are the top ways you can control your work related anger:

ways to control work related angerDeep Breaths

Of course, the first instinct might be to open your mouth and take your anger out on whoever comes in front of you but that would just ruin it all. Thus the better idea is to keep your mouth close and take deep breaths. By breathing and counting till ten, you get the time to rethink your first instinct and cool down a little bit. This gives you a chance to bite your tongue and actually do what is more sensible. After counting till ten, you will immediately find that you no longer feel as angry as you were.

Take a Break

Whenever you feel that the tension is rising and that the frustration is building up, the right way to control your anger is to take a step back, go to an open space and take a break for a few minutes. Sometimes, stepping out of the situation which angers you might do the trick and may make you more capable of handling the situation in a less violent or irritated way. Go to the cafeteria or the washroom or just the balcony and let the moment of anger pass.

Write it Down

Another effective way to control your work related anger is to put your feelings and emotions into words by writing it (or typing it) down. Make sure you don’t send what you have written to anyone but just keep it to yourself. Write what you are feeling down so that you can find a way to release the anger and cool down. This is a great way to deal with anger situations or situations where you feel agitated, irritated or simply frustrated at work.

Do What you Love

If you feel that the temperatures are soaring at the workplace and that you are about to lose your cool, the best step in such a situation would be to avoid venting out and rather do what you love. Find your happy place which could be a cup of coffee or a favorite website or just the pictures of your family.

Find your Friend

Everyone has friends or trusted colleagues at work and the best way to deal with your anger at work is to vent out your emotions to your friends. Get a hug from them if that is what you need to calm down.


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