8 Signs of Anger Management Problems You May Recognize

Are you wondering whether your behavior is questionable and that these are actually signs of anger management problems? What constitutes anger management issues and what are the signs you need to look for to identify that you have an anger management problem?

1. You’re losing your sense of humor

You tend to be prickly and defensive. You can’t seem to laugh at yourself and feel that even innocuous jokes are somehow aimed at you; that people are being critical and judgmental of you. Losing your sense of humor could be one of the signs of anger management problems.

signs of anger management problems

2. It is always someone else’s fault

Do you find excuses for why things go wrong? Is it always someone else’s fault and does it seem as though the world is conspiring against you? If so you really need to look at your reading of the situation and start taking responsibility for your own actions.

This will help you direct the anger away from others and external situation as well.

3. You view different opinions and viewpoints as a personal challenge

If someone doesn’t agree with you, or has a different opinion than yours, you look upon it as a direct challenge to your thoughts, actions and belief system. It isn’t you know – people having views different than yours really has nothing to do with you. If you’re taking things personally all the time, this could mean signs of anger management problems that you need to address.

4. You look for props to relax you

Do you turn to a drink, a cigarette or similar device to calm down when angry? Can you not manage to do this by yourself?

5. You feel helpless about your anger

You feel that rage coming on, but you seem powerless to stem its tide. You also seem to be unable to control the way that you behave when you lose your temper.

6. You can’t seem to wait

Another one of the signs of anger management problems is constant impatience. You want everything yesterday and you cannot wait for anything – service at a store, the red light at a traffic intersection or the microwave to go ping!

7. You’re ashamed of your behavior later

When you’ve lost your temper and behaved a certain way, you’re ashamed later. You want to take back your words and the way that you behaved with people.

8. More than one person has told you to take it easy

People close to you may have gently told you to calm down or take it easy. Or they may bluntly have told you that you’re becoming unbearable. People pointing out these things may be one of the surest signs of anger management problems.



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