Requirements That Reduce Anger

We all have psychological and physical requirements to attend to and when there is neglect then we are dealing with emotions that enforce our anger. Our body and mind needs nutrition, exercise, education, love, and to produce creativity and this is needed throughout our lives for us to function properly in society.

Emotions And Thoughts

Our brain consists of a parent side, critical side, creative side, nurturing side, and so forth. It affects our emotions and thinking when one of these sides is off balance. When the emotions and thoughts are interrupted, we are subject to exploding when our anger emotion is threatened.

The mind is complicated, but a basic understanding can help us to live a more productive life. You will need to evaluate each area of your mind if you are out of touch with your emotions and thoughts.

For instance, is your nurturing side fulfilled or is it craving the need to care. By producing a judgmental personality is your critical side taking control of your thoughts? If so then you need to open your mind and get in touch with your critical side to search for a way to reduce your judging attitude.

A judging attitude contributes to emotional stimulus and when you are acting out of accordance to a standard then you are enforcing anger buildup.

Parenting Side

What about your parenting side? Alternatively, the need to feel loved and to give love? Are you lacking in this capability and are you feeling the love that your psychological procedure needs? If not maybe, you should sit down and think about everyone you know. Are you in touch with the definition of love? How are they treating you?

Are you taking them for granted by expecting more from them than they can do? Are you creative or are you a person that waits for someone else to create something for you? Creativity is essential for functioning properly in life.


Creativity is a power we all have and we might find a way out of the many problems we face if we produce creativity when it is needed. For instance, if you are in trouble with the law and are not creative how are you going to get out of trouble?

What if a danger moment presented itself to you, what would you do? Creativity is not a single skill; rather it is a series of skills. Creative is not a dancer, musician, writer, or actor, rather it is a person that can creatively think his or her way out of any circumstances when they arise.


It is significant to analyze your thoughts and emotions to see what is missing. You are subject to anger if you are missing a necessity. We all need to feel a sense of control. If we are lacking control, it makes us feel a heated rush of anger throughout our life.

Something is going to happen when this anger builds to a breaking point. Negative consequences will result if you manage your negative anger by striking another person, screaming at a person, assaulting another person then.

On the other hand, if you take control of your emotions you will be rewarded with good results and minimal consequences. Beliefs also play a role in emotions and anger. If you believe that the world is out to get you then you are setting your self up for failure.

The world has its own troubles and they are consumed trying to figure out plans to stay alive rather than sitting around a table trying to figure out how they can get you. Most people in the world do not even know you, much less considering wasting their valuable time on getting to you.

When a problem occurs it is usually because of a decision we made, or else someone had bad intentions in the role.



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