Learn to Communicate with an Angry Person

In your day to day life you will come across several people who are angry and are blowing their top off. Though you would want to avoid such people to stop the negative energy from flowing into you, it is not always possible.

This is especially true if you are in some business and you need to deal with angry clients. That is when you must learn a few tricks to handle these angry souls.

learn to communicate with an angry person

How to find out if a Person is Angry

  • The most common tell is that people will start shouting and abusing.
  • You will also find those who will misbehave with people who are serving them or do not have the power to talk back.
  • Many a times you may have seen your family members getting violent by throwing things around. That means they are angry.

Communicating with Angry People

It is not always easy to communicate with people who have lost their cool. You need to be tactful to address the issue.

  • The most important thing is to try and find out what has angered them. While at times you may be responsible for their anger, at other times, their rude behavior may be the result of someone else’s action and you might just be at the receiving end for no reason.
  • Give them a patient hearing. In many cases the angry people need someone to hear them out. Do not talk much and hear them out. The solution might lie just be there and you need to see it.
  • Stop and think for a second what your reaction would be had you been in that person’s position and what you would expect out of this angered bickering.
  • Once you have identified the problem, be polite and reassure them that you are there to help and the problem will be resolved. Do not however patronize them as this will add fuel to the fire. You need this rage to stop and thus be tactful.
  • There are times when the anger might be unjust and the angry person might just be acting illogically. Though time consuming, you need to slowly convey that the demand is illogical and cannot be met with. Do not lose your calm, but also do not give into their raged ranting.

People are angry for just and unjust causes. You need to make a call whether the anger is justified or misplaced and then handle the situation.

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