5 Tips to Improve Life By Managing Anger

Since time immemorial, the fact is proved that one of the biggest obstacles to advancement in both career and personal life is “anger”.  If you cannot control your anger, the consequences are always not so desirable and it impedes the ability to stay happy. An angry soul and happiness is just incompatible and to live a better and peaceful life, anger management is essential.

If you do not want you marriage and valuable relationships to take on toll, get sheltered in society, lose business, become a victim of chronic anxiety, stress, and mental agony – try to come out of this tough angry image and live in a gracious mood with these following tips –

improve life by managing anger

1. Think before you Start to Speak

When you get heated up, try to gather few moments to gather your thoughts and then speak. Just think once how the addressed person would feel once he hears your words as once they are spoken out you cannot take them back. Always don’t be loud and voice up your views, let the others participate in the situation so that variation of views can allow you some time to calm down.

2. Express your Anger when you are Calm

Once the situation is over and you can think rationally and clearly, sit down and rethink about the whole incident. Even then if you wish to express your anger, select your words carefully and express. The tone should be non-confrontational and assertive. Do not hurt anyone, but just say what you feel in a well planned way.

3. Regular Physical Activity

This is one magic mantra that can alleviate most of the physical as well as mental problems. Uncontrollable anger, considered as one of the biggest mental ailment can be tamed and brought under control if you do regular exercise that you enjoy. It can be cycling, yoga, aerobics, swimming, dancing or even simple morning walks at a nearby park.

4. Take a Break

Stress and strain is a vital cause for anger. Often a strenuous schedule at office makes you vent out the anger on the family members, which is not at all correct. Take small breaks during work, do some free hand exercises while you take the gaps, make your lunch time enjoyable, follow a regime to complete office work and avoid backlogs. If you had a bad time with your boss, try to sort out or apologise before leaving the office. Give some space and time to your family, especially kids who can melt most of your frustrations and anger.

5. Identify the Problem Areas

Don’t crib over what makes you angry, rather when you feel that anger is taking you over resolve the issue on spot with a stable mind. Suppose, your child makes the room messy everyday – train him to keep it tidy and promise to gift a chocolate once a week if he keeps the room clean. If your partner is late for dinner – plan the dinner times later at night. Agree to the things that can be tolerated and compromised. Remember that anger will not solve your issues but it will make things worse.

There are many more options to keep yourself away from anger like engaging in activities you like while you get irritated with something, not holding any grudge towards anyone but clearing out problems in a healthy way, practice relaxation skills with a counsellor, use humorous books and movies as your best companion etc. Anger is nothing abnormal but when it goes out of control, you might lose many things that you will regret later. So better learn the anger management tools and keep your temper within limits.


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