How Anger Hurts?

Every one becomes victim to anger, but the way they react to it differs obviously.

Anger is not a bad emotion but in extreme cases it can certainly cause harm to your personal relationships and also to your health as well.

How anger affects your health?

Anger is the main cause for you to feel stressed out with simple things in your life.

Do you know too much stress is quite harmful for health? It will eventually raise various health related problems like high blood pressure, tension headaches, migraines, and also heart problems as well.

When you are in extreme anger, the immune system gets suppressed and leads to various other health issues like infections and you don’t believe it can increase your susceptibility to cancer.

What you can do to avoid these problems?

It is not good to suppress your anger because even this can cause serious emotional health problems for you. So, instead of suppressing your anger, try to express anger in much better way. Workout your body when you are in anger, but be careful, don’t hurt self.

Don’t eat too much as this can in turn harm your health. Listen to music and play some music if you love to do it. Write down your thoughts on paper, this is the best thing you can do to express your anger.



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