Top 5 Surprising Herbs to Control Anger

Like every other emotion anger also comes naturally to a person. Anger is usually a reaction to express dislike or frustration. But anger can be extremely negative when a person loses his self-control and rational thinking. It is in such situations where anger needs some control and a positive way to channel out the feelings.

Though there are many processes and treatment to control anger but using simple herbs at home can get surprising and good results. There are plenty of herbs available and the list of top 5 herbs for controlling anger are listed below.

German Chamomile

german chamomile

known for its soothing effects the simplest and convenient way to consume this herb is in the form of tea. The tea can be made by putting 1 tsp dry leaves in boiling water and later strain it after 10 minutes. The choline, flavonoids and cyanogenic glycosides present in chamomile acts as a mild sedative thus calming the anger.



The essential oil present in lavender provides a very soothing and calming effect thus making a person feel peaceful. Lavender oil is readily available in market in various forms so one does not need to search too much. The oil is well known to act as a pacifier to resentment caused by depression, anxiety or sleep deprivation. You can use lavender oil for massage or bath. Even a drop of oil in your tea water can work miracles.



Similar to other herbs listed this is another effective solution to control anger. Skullcap again can be consumed in the form of tea and it provides relaxation to brain and takes out negative feelings from your mind. Tea made out of skullcap contains volatile oils and tannins that help in reducing tension and hysteria. Since tension and hysteria are at times responsible for anger outburst, reducing them helps in managing anger to a considerable extent.

Dandelion Root

Starch and sugar are abundantly present in dandelion roots that help in controlling anger. It also improves the overall functioning of digestive system. Tea made out from this root has calming effect and relives a person from stress.



Known for its cooling and healing properties this herb can have almost immediate effect on the raised adrenaline of a person. Peppermint candies or toffees that are readily available in market can be consumed. Alternatively you can also make peppermint tea and have it daily. Peppermint is also available in the form of capsules which can be consumed to cool down anger.

Aggression in form of anger is never welcomed. Nature has lot of goodness and they can be used effectively to get maximum benefits. The medicinal properties in the herbs that are listed here can be used to manage anger and in no time he will be able to vent his thoughts and feelings in a more appropriate way. Thus include these herbs in your diet and effectively deal with your anger.


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