Help Your Teenager to Control “Anger”

Teenage years are turbulent and require an understanding on the part of a parent. Often you, as a parent will be perplexed with the behavior of your teenager and may end up feeling sad and dejected or let down. Have patience! This will not last. However, how you cope with the behavior tantrums and bouts of anger of your child who has now grown up to be a teenager will determine his or her personality as he or she grows up to be a mature well balanced adult.

Teenager to Control “Anger”

Till the time that happens, you as a parent will have to be understanding and supportive to help him or her deal with their own behavior.

Helping the Teen Manage Anger

1. Understanding: You have to understand that anger is an emotion that teens use to disguise their other emotions of frustration, anxiety, fear, shame, vulnerability or embarrassment amongst others. Not being able to recognize their own feelings and express them, the teens lash out putting themselves and others around them at risk.

2. Rules and Acceptable Deviations from Proper Behavior: Understanding the source of your teenager’s anger is one thing and letting him or her go overboard with it is another. You have to put down rules and outer boundaries of acceptable behavior at a time when the teen is calm. Let him or her understand that certain behavior is just not acceptable. Make them aware of the consequences too in case they will break those rules.

 3. Keep Communication Open: Teenage can be lonely and a teenager who shuns your attempts at communication is not necessarily one who doesn’t need someone to talk to. Be available to the teen whenever he or she may need you. For this inviting him or her to talk over a cup of coffee or sharing being together at mealtimes is going to make them open up to you when they really need to talk.

 4. Schedule Meaningful Activities: Keeping your teenage child involved in engaging activities like music or dance classes, or basketball or any other sport of their choice will dissipate their negative feelings, gives them enough exercise and channelize their energy in the right direction.

 5. Help them Eat Healthy: Eating a healthy balanced diet sharpens the mind and helps your teenage child get rid of the negativity causing anger. Opt for cooking at home rather than eating out and make mealtimes a time to connect.

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