What Are The Effects Of Anger?

Anger affects our body in many ways. We often feel stressful, betrayed, hurt, our body is tense and our stomach is in knots, when we are angry. When we feel this way, the world seems to stumble around us and our best friend has gone down and left us behind.


The isolation creeps in and often we feel that the whole world is an illusion and everyone is insane. There are times we want to run and hide and there are times we simply want to find the basis for our hurt and bang them to a bloody pulp.

We are aware that we cannot do this as it is illegal to do so and it does not help in solving our problems. Rather when we blow up fusing our anger on someone else, we are only adding heartache to heartache.

Sometimes we all fail to recognize that there is a solution to many problems, but when we use up our last sources and nothing is left then, how do we find our way out? Where do we turn?

You are not alone, if you are feeling like there is nothing left in the world for you and that, you have run out of answers to the many questions. One efficient way to look at your condition is to know that someone else is suffering worse than you are.

Anger And Positive Thinking

When times are tough to deal with the problem, forcing your mind to remain positive can help to solve your problem. When you have been robbed, cheated, manipulated, lied to, hurt and you feel that the person is getting away with something.

Remember, the bad individuals will always pay a higher price than what they induce on the victim. It may take some time, but you will see in the end that the bad person will pay a higher price for his or her activities.

Rather than venting your anger in a negative light if you have been victimized, try using your intelligence and resources to implement that the source is paying for the crime committed against you.

Anger And Laughter

If you are merely struggling from common problems then remember sufficient for each day and take it one day at a time. Try to find some comedy in your situation. Laughter is always a source for relieving anger.

Try to focus on something positive and go do your chores when you feel your stomach knot. Anytime we burn energy, we are burning emotions that are the root of anger.

Anger And Writing

Sit down and write an article, book, story, or a simple journal, if you enjoy writing. Write down your thoughts, how you view the world, and the people in the world. Try to find a way to put some comedy between the lines so that you can laugh when you look back at what you wrote.

Anger And Walk

Go for a walk and try to admire the beautiful scenery that God has given us, if you body is tense. You should remember one thing that when you are walking, something good comes from bad.

This may not make sense, but if you look back at your many problems and how you dealt with them, you will see a series of good fortunes that came your way. We can all make more of a situation than what really exists and we all need to stay focused to survive the game of life.

If you feel that you are centered out for punishment, then think of the children in abused homes, the men in war, or the wives that are tortured by their own husband. Now look at your situation again.

Are you homeless? Do you have a roof over your head? Do you have food in your kitchen? Do you have your bills to be paid? If this is true then why are you mad? Our body gets affected, whenever we are angry and this causes harm to our health.

Is anything worth damaging your self-being, including your mind and body? Is anything worth losing your respect? Think before you act if you are angry, because impulsive behavior leads to complicated problems. Pick up your torture stake and walk another mile, when you feel like the world is tumbling down.



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