Controlling Your Anger

anger management

The mind is a mysterious atmosphere and everyone has a different source of thinking. We all have our problems, some of us more so than others do.

Most of us have emotions, which include sadness, anger, joy, and so forth. The trick is learning to deal with it in our own way.

Since anger has a strong physical reaction, healthy anger management involves learning skills to calm your body.

If you are angry, deeply inhale and exhale three times. However, taking time to practice ways to relax one’s body is even more effective.

Visual Imagination

Visual imagery offers a major strategy to relax one’s body. Spend 10-15 minutes imagining a place that is relaxing. Attend to all of the details of the scene to make it as real as possible. Notice the colors, the sounds, the air, the lighting, and even the feel of objects in your scene.

Then shift your attention to how relaxed your muscles are, gradually scanning your muscles from head to toe. Through practice, you will increasingly be able to direct your body to become calm when you experience the arousal of anger.


Some techniques suggested for controlling anger are logs. Logs are a recorded list of emotions, solutions, feelings, expressions, and problems. After sitting around for about a half hour or hour we can look back over our log to see what ignited our fire.

It is vital to recognize the problem and learn a strategy to deal with it, or else learn to cope with the problem in your own way. If possible, you can look at both sides.

For instance, if Jack angered you then you want to record what Jack to make you upset. Confronting Jack in a mild manner if Jack in fact did something justifying your madness is a great approach for addressing the problem.

Self Talk

Another way to deal with anger is talking you through the madness. Why am I mad? What trip my trigger? What was I thinking when I blew up? Why can I deal with this problem? This is self-talk and it works wonders.

Talking To A Trusted Individual

Talking to a trusted individual is also great for controlling anger. The problem is you require someone with mental health knowledge. If you are talking to a friend and he or she says something that makes you anger then another problem is in the making.

It is significant to try hard to control your emotions when you are talking. This will help you to learn self-control if you practice this each time that you talk.

Exercise For Controlling Emotions

A great solution is exercise. Exercise has proven to enhance health, the mind, and the body, as well as controlling emotions. Take a walk, if you see that you are about to lose control. Go around the block, or even walk three or four blocks. The more you exercise the more it helps. You might also want to go for a bike ride. Paddle until your anger blows through the wind.


Another great remedy for relieving anger is laughing. Try to look at the situation with a sense of humor if you are angry. For instance, I was ready to blow up the world at one point due to an incident and injustice. When I was dealing with it, I literally wrote funnies on paper and laughed uncontrollably at the way I put things in perspective.

The truth is that anger will control you if you do not control it. If you do not want to exercise, create logs, write, or laugh, then think of this: if you do not take control of your anger one day you are going to blow up at someone and this person is either going to attack back and may be more dangerous than you are, and/or you will be sitting at the local country jail searching for a resource to bail out.

Once you get your buns in the criminal system, it is hard to get out. You might pay your fines, spend some time in jail, hang around the courts for a while, and have someone else telling you what to do while on probation…this might last for a few months or years.

Now, you will see during the course of your life that others will constantly judge you as a violent source to society when you get your mug shot, fingerprints, and other reports. This can affect your job, family, and life in whole.

Now if anger is a problem then you need to sit down and take a look at the consequences of your behaviors. You are in big trouble if you fail to see consequences. Anger is an emotion that we all share. It is how we deal with anger that makes or breaks our lives and controls our level of success.



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