Confront with Confidence – Tips and Tricks

The word ‘confront’ is derived from Latin word – con means with and front means front. To know how to confront someone, you need to know the practical meaning of confront. It means to face an uncomfortable situation or to say someone about their work which you feel is not accepted.

Confront can have different ways of manifestation: you may confront a sad incident or truth; you can confront a known or unknown person by taking a call on their behavior and so on. It may be the other way round also. You may be also at the receiver’s end. At times you do not really know how to handle such situation.

If anyone attacks you completely out of the blue you either react in a hostile way or you become defensive or in extreme case you are tongue tied. These reactions are quite normal as psychologists have explained that unconscious factors can give even the best speakers a nightmare.

confront with confidence

Tips to Confront with Confidence

It is generally seen that handling confrontation makes you shake and you start to lose control over your voice pitch .It really becomes frustrating if you are being put down by someone and you are struck with confrontation jitters .You might feel like to hit back or just run away from the situation.All these factors can be really tamed with just a little effort. Below given are some tips to handle confrontation with confidence:

Understand your Confronter

Try to understand the mental state of the person with whom you are having a confrontation.Think and analyze, why the person wants to confront. The understanding can make the things logical and easy for you to handle.

Take Time and Prepare yourself Before Confronting

Your control over your mind can change the whole scenario. Just before the confrontation, take a deep breath as it helps to lower the blood pressure and heartbeat. Breathing little slowly also lowers the adrenaline movement in your body as all these shoots up in your body during and before confrontation.

Take Out Time

If possible, take out time to prepare and rehearse the exact lines you are going to tell in the beginning. Always plan out your argument if you know that you are going to confront for some particular reason.

Try to Find Point that Triggers your Anger

If you understand your own limitations, you can work on them and make yourself ready to combat .Knowing what triggers your anger will help you to know the threshold and you can avoid allowing people to go to that extent. 

Use your Confidence and make your Opponent Feel that they are Overdoing

Be confident and show your opponent that they are being very aggressive by telling in a polite way that why he/she is shouting at you .This makes the person realize the situation and may thus calm down.

Do not Ever Get Engrossed and Sucked into the Argument

An argument basically manipulates you .If you get sucked then the whole point of confrontation is lost. You can come out as a better person if you remain indifferent.

The confrontation can be made less aggressive and can be used to solve the issue through communication which involves listening and then speaking.First listen and then speak out your feelings.


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