Anger Triggers

Triggers are what interrupts emotions and causes us to become angry. We are taking a step in the right direction to control our emotions when we are learning about our triggers.

Steps To Be Followed To control Your Emotions

First, we need to weed through the roots of anger to determine the problem. You might want to get a physical to eliminate chemical or physical roots of your anger, if you have obsessive anger, outbursts.

Next thing you are going to do is to go to a mental health expert to eliminate mental illnesses, which are often the root of anger. After you have done the first two steps and then you will need to attend anger management classes, when the problem does not lie between mental illness and physical.

It is clear that you have no control over your emotions; therefore, you will need to learn techniques that help you to handle better with your fears, depression, frustrations, anxiety, and emotions.

This will help you to move ahead in life and gain control of your anger. You might want to ask your self what you are afraid of or what are the triggers of your anger? You might review the opinions carefully to see that is your anger is reasonable.

Past Experiences

Are you afraid to speak out and defend your rights? Is there something in your past that leads you to worry obsessively and enforce your anger? Maybe you were a victim of some incident in your past or you witnessed something that disturbed your conscious and you rambled through life without dealing with the stressor.


In spite you are affected somehow and your emotions are not cooperating with your thoughts. Some people worry about things that cannot be controlled. For instance, many people worry about growing old or dying, which is not in our hands to worry about.

Every day we all are growing older and it is a part of life that cannot be controlled. Likewise, we are all at risk of dying. It is how you deal with that makes or breaks your achievement.

The first step to eliminate worry that leads to anger is to accept that you are growing old. Take the fear and reverse by telling your self that age is a factor of life that we all must face, yet I have some control.

I may not look in the mirror when I am sixty and see an extremely wrinkled face and sagging skin, if I exercise, eat right, and take care of my skin. Likewise, if you know that you are dying and cannot do anything about it, remember that you can live longer by taking proper care of your mind and body.

Some of us worry about tomorrow and how we will manage to survive the next day. You are missing what today can bring, if you worry about tomorrow. No one has control of tomorrow and it is wastage of time and energy to worry about something that is out of our hands.

You might want to remember that today is another day and thank the God that you are breathing, if you have problems with worry. Worry is a form of selfishness, since you are expecting a problem that may or may not occur.

Some of us fear that if our problems continue to escalate, we will go insane. This fear is not reasonable because you cannot foresee your mind. Your mind may feel at wits ends, but if you reach inside your self and face your fears, you have control to manage your emotions.

Now we can assess triggers of anger by seeing that unjust and reasonable triggers are linked to emotions that lead to anger. We might find that we are responsible for our emotions and failed to take control over them, allowing them to rule our lives.

We might even find a source in the past that invoked our emotions and promoted an undeveloped mind. When you find your triggers of anger and review your problems, you are taking control over your anger and your life will prove fruitful for your efforts.

Triggers of anger are objects, pictures, sound, taste, smell, words, and when a person is triggered to anger, they often react either positively or negatively to the source.



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