Anger Management Symptoms, Recognition and Help

Life can be very stressful and modern life, with its many pressures, even more so. This leads to pent up frustrations, anger, and resentment that could mar physical and mental well being. In this post we look at anger management symptoms; recognizing that you need help managing your anger and getting help for this.


Anger management symptoms to recognize

In small doses, anger can be good because it can motivate you and propel you to achieve your best potential. But do you find yourself getting into disagreements, quarrels and fights often? Do you have a short fuse which you seem to be famous for? If so, you really need to look at why you’re so angry all the time.

Examine your body language as well: if you’re getting red in the face, clenching your hands,tightening your jaw, tensing your muscles and contorting your face you’re probably experiencing a lot of stress.

The next time you get angry, make a note of these physical symptoms; if possible examine your face in the mirror as well.

Do seemingly minor irritants irk you all out of proportion to their significance? If you find that you’re frequently raising your voice, using abusive language or behaving in an ill-mannered way, you do need to examine anger management symptoms and consider getting help.

Why anger management is important

It could be that your behavior is having a negative impact on your relationships at home and at work and is also detrimental to your physical and mental health.

It is important to understand that pent up anger is not good for you, but that aggressive expressions of anger aren’t good for you either. There is actually very little merit in having an outburst.

Consider this: if you’ve got into a fight on the road with another road user and have really let fly, how do you feel afterwards? Perhaps you feel out of controlled and ashamed and really not at peace. If your rage was really resolved, you wouldn’t feel like this.

Effective anger management symptoms and control will help you channelize your anger – not bottle it up but find ways to let go of the anger or to use up all that negative energy in a positive way.

Out of control anger causes dangerous hormonal changes in your body which is really bad for your health. This can make you susceptible to heart disease and hypertension, and may also weaken your immune system leaving you prone to infections.

So anger management symptoms and their effective control are in the interests of your physical well being, your mental health, your productivity at work as well as your interpersonal relationships.



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