Top 4 Anger Control and Setback Handing Methods

Everyone goes through rough experiences that cause mood swings. The most obvious reaction is anger outburst and irritation due to ups and downs of personal or professional life. These outbursts of anger and upset mood patches can be dealt with simple techniques which have been proved very effective.

Anger Control and Setback Handing Methods

Anger Management can be done with the help of meditative techniques as well as certain behavior altering techniques. Some of the ways to control your anger are listed below.

1. Accepting the state of mind

A good way of dealing with your anger is to accept that you are angry or upset. Acceptance is the first step towards change and this policy works in case of anger as well. Develop a self talk mechanism for the acknowledgement of anger and then devise a method of redirecting your attention.

One such method could be to take a stroll or a simple action that will change the course of thoughts. Change in environment can be of great help in soothing your mood.

2. Breath out your anger

In meditative terms one can breathe out anger through deep breathing and other effective methods of breathing. Breathing techniques are very effective while anger outburst and can be used effectively at the moment of outburst.

There is a technique, wherein one has to concentrate on his or her breathing and observe it till the rate of breathing reduces. As we all know when angry the breathing is furious and if this rate can be controlled then the anger impulse gets controlled automatically.

3. Dance as a remedy

Body activity is another effective way of anger control or outburst management. It is recommended that when angry one must dance or indulge in some other form of soothing physical activity.

This will biologically increase secretion of certain enzymes and will act as an anger re director. It is advised that people with anger issues must dance and get it out of their system.

4. Self Talk

Many people are advised to start talking to themselves while angry. This self talk can be a form of a conversation with oneself or can be a simple number counting exercise.

When you start talking to yourself it infuses a sense of security within and you can acknowledge the mood change which will allow you to slowly act upon it. Counting numbers is one of the best methods for redirecting your attention and it can be done anywhere whether in public or otherwise.

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