Why Alcohol Addictions


What makes a person drink? Why does a person go through life relying on alcohol to relieve stress? Some people believe that alcohol addition is hereditary, while many believe it is a behavior problem.

The fact is alcoholism is hereditary, yet it does not show up in lineages. Alcoholics come from a background of mental illnesses. Most times the underlying illness is undetected and the person suffers never knowing why. This can lead to frustration and misery, thus the alcohol consumption tends to relieve the aching mind.

Reasons for Alcoholic Addictions

The person may attend AA meetings or else seek professional mental health. Yet, until the mental illness and/or ailment is dealt with and understood, the person will continue drinking, sometimes until death.

One reason a reviewer pointed out when asked why he drank? He said, “Boredom” was the primary fact, thus the alcohol was something to do for him. He also enjoys bar scenes. When asked again, what other reasons prompt him to drink he said, “He is quiet while sober, and feels that alcohol helps him to socialize.”

Stress is another reason that people drank alcohol and this is common, i.e. the person often attempts to relieve stress. Alcohol according to the reviewer is nothing more than a money waster and the alcohol keeps him in trouble. This is a bona fide alcoholic interviewed, since he meets the criteria not only according the standards of the Criminal Justice and Mental Health, but meets the criteria of the most people that holds the true meaning of alcoholism.

Helping the Truly Alcoholic

The person can drank in the early mornings, afternoons, evening, and drinks alcohol daily. This is truly an alcoholic. Yet, what drives him? Of course, he gave us reason, yet from studying the individual for hours, years, etc I know that mental illnesses exist. The person raised by a Paranoid Schizophrenia was driven to alcohol to escape the mental and physical abuse he endured, and fought his own demons in his head.

Where is the help? The person has frequent alcohol anonymous, half-way houses, etc and claimed that the services did nothing to help him recover from alcoholism, when in fact he is not lying, since evidence speaks louder than claims made at these institutions, etc. The only way a person can recover from alcoholism is to have the will to stop. With this in mind, we see that alcoholics do not have hope; otherwise, they would have human mechanisms that make them feel whole.

Alcoholism stretches to far countries, yet today everyone is nearly an alcoholic since the law has made it possible to become an alcoholic even if you are not.

Drinking to Forget Things

Some people drink to forget things that happen in their, e.g. drinking to forget their problems. Again, this falls on stress.

One person drank all his life to avoid the demons inside. The person also rose by a Paranoid Schizophrenia, suffered mental illnesses resulting from the negligence of parenting. Still, he may show signs of chains binding his mind by the upbringing of schizophrenia, but he also show signs of his own mental illnesses as well. The man showed signs of Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders-OCD, Schizophrenia, alcoholism, etc.

Help the Alcoholics

If you know someone struggling with alcohol, we encourage you to seek help. Some people cannot quite on their own and requires assistance from others. NEVER get in a persons face drinking and bring up alcohol, in fact do not do this even if the person is not drinking. This is known as co-addictions, which means you are the vehicle to the person drinking to a large degree. Nagging only makes a person do opposite.



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