Warning Signs That You May Be Addicted To Online Shopping

As most things are now available online, the disorder of Shopping Addiction has also shifted online, with it becoming ever easier to feed this addiction, with more items becoming accessible at any time of the day than was ever possible before.

If you do a lot of shopping online, beware these warning signs that could signal an online shopping addiction:

  • Do you feel anxious, depressed, empty or irritable when you don’t have access to your computer for whatever reason?
  • Do you feel it is compulsive and finds yourself unable to stop even when you promise yourself or others that you will?
  • Are you thinking of being online when you are away from the computer?
  • Do you find that there is a persistent need to spend long periods of time as well as large amounts of money on the computer?
  • Do you find that other things such as upkeep of the house or the kids are being neglected as a result?
  • Would you rather pass up on a party or time with friends and family in favor of being online?
  • Do you find yourself covering up or lying about the amount of time and money you spend online?
  • Are you passing up on other things that you ordinarily enjoy in favor of shopping online, and are you getting socially isolated?

If you answered yes to these questions then you are in trouble and do perhaps need help as well.



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