Types of Addictions

Nowadays we have a variety of addictions, including eating addictions, addictive personalities, love/relationship addictions, drug and alcohol addictions, pornography addictions, gambling and pain addictions, etc. Addictions is a form of suicide, since if a person loses control of the senses, death can occur.


Gambling has spread out like a disease over the world leading people into a snare. In Asia up to 21% polls responded to surveys, which estimated that this percentage of gamblers were pathological (alter or disease) gamblers. In America, the estimated respondents of 5% claimed they had a problem with gambling. The upside is most casinos online offer support to those who feel they have a gambling addiction. Yet, gambling addictions date back further than when the casinos came available.

Obsessions and compulsive response is dangerous in it, and is often backing many types of addictions. A person obsessed often reaches for goals that are out of reach and will do anything to reach those goals. Rather obsession is a persistency in disturbed preoccupations, which often entail unreasonable notions or feelings. Thus, this is an imbalanced forceful motivation.

The penalties of compulsive gambling can be catastrophic. Not only colossal amounts overdue incur but also the person is at risk of going to jail. While casinos are opening the doors worldwide, the act of gambling in itself is illegal in most states.


Alcohol is another type of addiction that can lead to many troubles, including death. Alcoholism is in fact a complicated, ongoing psychological disorder coupled with nutritional disorders linked with excessive obsessive drinking, which is often typical. In other words, mental illness due to damage to neurotic parts is a result of excess drinking. Alcohol problems and addictions however require a deeper assessment, since sometimes the law and mental experts over define alcoholism.

Drug addictions have variants, i.e. drug addicts might use one drug to reach a high and may not use other drugs. The types of drug addicts include morphine, cocaine, crack, opium, etc, yet the mother of all the drugs is opium. Prescription addicts are now an issue, since many of the drugs prescribed by physicians is addictive. Crack addicts once addicted will do anything to support their habits. The drug leads them to thievery, lying, soliciting, etc. Drug addicts of this nature will sell their own children, sell their bodies, and will sometimes kill in the name of crack.


Sex addicts is another difficult area of addictions, since it also houses variants. Sex addicts such as serial killers are more complex to define than those addicts known as sadisms. A person addicted to pornography material is probably the worst types of addicts, outside of crack addicts. Pornography has lead to murder, thief, lies, deceit, torture, etc and it only promotes serial killers, serial rapists, pedophiles, etc.


Personality addicts is confusing, since the claimers of this diagnose are misunderstanding true personality traits of inborn persons, i.e. the people are failing to see how God created us. Additive personality types are commonly known as ENNEAGRAM, which has advocate personality types, i.e. there is more than one type. The diagnosis is claimed to be linked to abuse of substance, including alcohol, drugs, etc.

Love and/or Relationship

Love and/or relationship addicts, dependency are the common element that leads a person to addictions. When a person is addicted or else dependant they will often rely on influences to support their suffering. When a person lacks compartments of their person, they will often fall into the dependency stage. If a person cannot be alone or learn to live with self, they often resort to a dependency, which in turns leads them in a wrong direction, including addictions.

A person addictive to love lacks development and will often strive, seeking attention.

The person is often emotionally detached from self and isolated mentally as well as physically, thus the person will remove self from supporting members, i.e. family or friends.

The person will often appeal to society as a productive person, yet inside the person is hiding through disintegration. The person will often strive on drama impact relationships since intensity is mistaken as intimacy. The person strives to avoid abandonment and rejections, and will often lack trust.

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