Sex – A need for Addiction

Sex Addiction affects Social, Office and Family Life

Sex is a physiological need which every human being has a desire as well as right to full fill. However, when goes unchecked this desire can lead to addiction i.e. Sex Addiction. The addict in this case, has a continuous craving for his sexual urges irrespective of meeting of it.

Sex need is not an uncommon thing; in fact, the lack of it can be a sign to some psychological problem, which the person suffers. As like other basic needs sex also, act as a motivator, satisfying agent, means for relaxation and over all is a must act for the continuation of human cycle on this earth.

However, when this act of normal course starts affecting a person and his social, office and family life then he is driving towards its addiction. People addicted to sex may swing from partner to partner, to satisfy themselves. Though having knowledge that they are at risk, they continue their behaviors.

It’s Prevalent from back to B.C

Sex addictions are no innovative problems. The recordings in the Historical literature indicate prevalence of sex addictions far back to B.C. Then this addiction was a cause for complete wash of several destinies and today also, it could play havoc in the addicted person life.

Multiple Partner Relationships

The inborn notion of sex is between a man and woman in union of marriage, yet nowadays-homosexual sex i.e. man/man, woman/woman or multiple partner relationships is being accepted though this acceptance is still a big issue of debate for various scholars.

Many forms of Sexual Addictions

Sex Addiction refers to that mental state where the sufferer has no control over his urges and being under the influence of it can even commit a crime. He is completely obsessed with sex thoughts through out the period and can go for unnatural mean to meet his desire.

Sexual addictions can also mean – No Sex or Limited Sex. Some sex addicts are predator in nature that often fantasize about sexual encounters, including penetration, oral, sadism, etc. The addict usually masturbates regularly while engaging in immoral thoughts. Yet, while the person is fantasizing he may not search for a partner, unless has intentions to harm or to engage in sadistic behaviors during intercourse.

Sexual addiction in any form is as dangerous, since it leads to death, harm to others, etc. Whatever, the kind there is always a life at risk; maybe of the addict he or his partner .Sex addicts can go crazy because of the lacking of emotional and physical elements that force them to be engaged in illicit behaviors.

Reasons behind Sex Addictions

Sex Addiction could have different reasons behind it. The faulty or incomplete exposure at early age, relationship failures, insufficiency of love, unchecked behavior, regular and compulsive encounter with provoking material such as pornography and “x” rated material are few of many reasons. As a mean to Escape from current situation and responsibilities, could also be one of reason for this addiction.

Typical behaviors of Sexual Addicts

A sexual addict shows typical behaviors, such as constant preoccupation with sexual thoughts. Often the thoughts bears no consideration, regarding time or place as even at public. The person often has anonymous sex with strangers on a continual basis, which increases dependence on sexually explicit material to be sexually aroused and/or to reach orgasm, Exhibitionist activities as exposing self in public areas, Abandoning personal relationships as for fear of acceptance and increasingly opting for anonymous sexual encounters instead with one’s partner.

A sexual addict destroys his career as well as life just because of his roaming thoughts and at times, the person out of disappointment can even go for suicide, indicating the seriousness of this disease. Sex addiction not only ends the addict life but also along with the person, his family, as well as relatives has to be sufferers of social as well as personal embarrassment and disappointment.

Sex addiction as other addiction is a curable disease and addict can lead normal life after attending different medical treatments or counseling sessions.

Remember, sex is just like other needs of body rather then a force that can direct our life. So, go and get a control of it.



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