Rehab Not Jail (Infographic)

Every year billions of dollars are spent in the war on drugs. A good chunk of these billions is used simply on maintaining the prisons that are full to the brim with drug related offenders. Despite all the money spent, the problem is only getting worse. Any business or organization that didn’t evaluate, improve, or replace such costly failing practices would itself eventually but surely fail.

The current system does nothing to help or correct the offender, it only punishes. The result being that, once the time is served, we go right back to square one when that drug user or dealer is back on the street. That isn’t to say that absolutely no one turns their life around in prison and comes out a changed man or woman, but the point is that if this change does take place it is on the off chance that the inmate makes that personal decision for his or herself, and not due to any encouragement or positive influence. Imagine if, rather than just being locked up, each person convicted of a drug related crime was given personalized help and encouragement to turn their lives around.

All the while in a positive environment that won’t cause them to develop a grudge toward society or the government, but hopefully inspire a legitimate change of heart. Consider the difference in results and money spent to achieve those results and the answer should be clear. This has been a slightly normative approach to the issue, but for those who are more fact or statistic based the infographic below will lay it out fairly straightforward. It even shows how we stack against other leading nations


Source: Unity Rehab



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