Prescription Addictions Killing

Addicts will often covert their addictions, making self-invisible to others, i.e. they hide drugs from family members and/or friends. Most times the person is not aware of their dependency to the drugs, thus denial is generally visible. Addictions caused by prescription drugs, start unknowingly, and leads to awareness that a problem exists. At this point, the person has no control over his/her addiction.


Doctors will often prescribe painkillers, antidepressants, and other drugs that are highly addictive. Yet many dealers visit the doctor office claiming an illness or chronic pain exists, and will receive prescriptions, selling the drugs to the addicts.

Many people suffering chronic pain will resort to painkillers and if the doctor fails to prescribe the pills, the person will seek out dealers to acquire the drugs. Still, we must consider that doctors prescribe medications, which are highly addictive and some of these medications have caused death.

Some of the drugs given for chronic pain include Ultracet, Tramadol, Vioxx, Celebrex, mobic, bextra, imitrex, opiods, etc. Opiods are highly addictive, since the drug is housing ingredients, including opium. At one time opium posed no harm, yet after a man from Germany toyed with the poppy seed including acids and ammonia, the drug become potent. Later heroin came into focus from opium poppy seed. Still, other medications given to patients, such as EFFEXOR are dangerous as well.

Medications Prescribed By Doctors

EFFEXOR is one of the medications prescribed by doctors, which is highly addictive and dangerous as well. EFFEXOR is utilized to treat depression. EFFEXOR includes side-affects that promote suicidal thoughts, behavior changes, homicidal thoughts, and even death. Once the drug is, prescribe the patient starts to rely on the drug, and if stopped the patient will endure these side-affects both on and off the drugs, and will resort to suicide if the medicine is not re-issued, i.e. in some cases. EFFEXOR has a prime ingredient, which is hydrochloride (VENLAFAXINE). The drug also houses lactose microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium STEARATE, sodium starch GLYCOLLATE. While most of the ingredients are from natural resources, the ingredients have proven to cause addictions, as well as harm to the mind.

People that experience chronic pain will often max out on painkillers, searching for a relief. After taking the pills for so long, the drug affect reduces an increase of suffering leads to dependency. Does that lie about pay to receive painkillers often use the drugs to receive a high? Those suffering depression will often use painkillers or antidepressants to relieve pain and suffering. Antidepressants and painkillers both can provide a high and relief.

Prescriptions are Leading Drug Addictions

According to statistics, prescriptions are one of the leading drug addictions today. Addictions coming from prescriptions have statistically rated as ten times more common than street drugs. As you can truly see prescriptions is one of the, i.e. is the leading drug addiction in the world. Still, part of the problem comes from other sources, which we have no control. For example, part of the problem that led to the September 11 terrorism attacked included opium. Opium is found in many drugs, including prescription drugs. In fact, millions of people in Afghanistan and Pakistan are enduring drug addictions.

In fact, the drug opium is illegal in India , and the laws issue harsh punishment to those relying on the drug. In the HIMACHAL PRADESH states, the city KULLU MANAILI has great hill stations, which attracts large numbers of visitors, or tourists. This is increasing due to the fame of the area, i.e. due to the increase fame between foreigners and visiting countries, thus the area grows a good level of opium. Still, the laws are extreme, which India has placed numerous bans on consumption, as well as possession.



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