Physical Signs of Drug Addiction

Drug addiction and abuse has serious negative effects on the human body and it affects one both physically and psychologically. Some of these changes will be visible immediately, while other effects take time to develop but they have much far-reaching consequences. Drugs are substances which are taken in more amounts than prescribed or those which are consumed by a person although he is not supposed to take them. Sometimes one may take a combination of drugs and all these can have major harmful effects on the body. Here are a few physical changes which will take place if one takes drugs and is addicted to them:



The most common way to find out if someone is on drugs or not is to check their eyes. If they are bloodshot and the pupils are dilated, sometimes smaller or sometimes larger than usual, this means that the person may be on drugs


You may notice that the person has suddenly lost a lot of weight or may also put on weight depending on which drug he is taking. Another thing you may notice is a sudden increase or a decrease in appetite, which is drastically different from his normal eating style.

Sleep patterns

Drugs can give you temporary relief from stress by relaxing the body but once the excessive levels of dopamine decreases, you start to feel jittery and stressed which results in insomnia and lack of sleep. On the other hand, certain drugs can also make you feel too sleepy and hamper your body clock.


The jittery and nervous feeling that drug abusers go through also makes them very restless and you will often notice that they have slurred speech, tremors in their hands and lack of coordination of their limbs. They may also have difficulty driving or doing basic physical chores.


Whenever someone takes drugs or any illegal substance, it affects the whole body and it is quite apparent that the person’s physical appearance will deteriorate, their hair may fall, skin may become flaky and pale and there will be a general downfall in terms of grooming habits


Drugs and illegal substances cause harm to the body and the various tissues on the inside may start get severely damaged due to the inhalation or consumption of these drugs. You may often notice that there is a foul smell emanating from the bodies of the drug addicts, their breath and clothes. Those who smoke on a regular basis carry along with them the smell of a cigarette. One way to avoid this is by opting for electronic cigarettes instead.

The body becomes immune to its effects and hence people feel they need to take more pills to get relief and that is the one of the first signs of addiction to painkillers.



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