Common Physical Signs of Alcohol Addiction

If you suspect someone close to you of being addicted to alcohol or even suspect that you yourself may be dependent, you can look for physical signs of alcohol addiction to clarify matters.

Thought addicts typically become quite adept at hiding and being secretive, there could be certain signs that could be giveaways of the actuality.

Physical Signs of Alcohol Addiction

1. Making excuses to drink and secrecy about drinking

The physical signs of alcohol addiction may start with the person making excuses to drink: celebrating this or that, drinking to relax, drinking to enjoy a party.

The drinking sessions could be really long, and this could then escalate into drinking that is so frequent that it is noticeable.

The person may then resort to secrecy to hide their drinking. Drinking alone or in secret is one of the telltale signs of becoming dependent on the booze.

The person may then start lying about buying booze and may patronize different shops to avoid detection.

2. Increased tolerance

A couple of drinks just don’t seem to do it anymore. More and more alcohol is needed to get that buzz going, after a while. The person may try different things or have more of the same but may find that they’ve become tolerant to alcohol.

If the excess drinking is pointed out, the addict will usually refuse to accept that they have a problem that they can stop anytime they want.

3. Weight loss

Appetite changes, weight gain or weight loss for seemingly no reason could be among the physical signs of alcohol addiction

4. Redness of the facial skin

This is another one of the physical signs of alcohol addiction when a person drinks frequently and for extended periods of time.

5. Liver problems or other health problems, sore or upset stomach

It could begin with an upset stomach, indigestion or throwing up. But a drinking problem could soon escalate into serious health issues. Vital organs such as the liver could start to get impacted and there could be repeated, troublesome symptoms that crop up frequently.

6. Withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms could be the most telling physical sign of alcohol addiction. When the person has voluntarily kept away or has been kept away from drink for a while, they may start to show visible physical signs.

These physical signs of alcohol addiction could include the shakes or the jitters. The person may seem anxious and jumpy. There could be sweating, sleeplessness, headaches, loss of appetite, and so on. The person may be preoccupied or may seem depressed and tired or listless all the time.



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