Pain Addictions

Pain addictions is not only a scary subject, the people that engage in causing harm to self brings in a frightening notion. Pain addictions comprise a person utilizing sharp objects to cause harm to the body. The person may also engage in drugs, however, the drugs only release the suffering temporarily and superficially, therefore the ultimate relief for those with pain addictions is self-mutilation, self-destruction, self-torture, etc.

Take the Initiative

If you know someone with pain addictions, it is VITAL that you take the initiative and seek help for the person. Often persons with addictions are denying the fact that a problem exists. Pain addictions can lead to serious harm, or else death. While most people rarely hear about pain addictions, the problems are ever increasing and have been in existing since beyond the days of Christ. In fact, pain addictions are seen in sadism.

Pain Addiction damages the Body and Mind

Pain addiction as defined is taking pleasure in pain and suffering in which the person is often driven by compulsions that lead them to hurt the body. Pain addictions are worse than most believe. The addition is serious in nature, and the pain resulting from the bodily injuries is often causes serious pain while the suffering party will deny any claims of suffering.

The pain substitutes an escape of mental sufferings, yet some people with pain addictions gain pleasure from the harm caused to the body. Paid addicts often cause harm to self to attract attention from parents, spouse, etc. It is rare in some instances, but some people cause their own death by issuing pain to the body. Sometimes the death is related to accidental causes, yet it still falls in the hands of the addict.

The pleasurable sensations arriving from pain too few cause the adrenaline to flow, which becomes addictive. The ultimate purpose of pain is to escape the realities and the problems that life sends our way.

Effect in Teenagers

Vague defines escape in this instance, since depending on the person an assortment of escape applies. Teenagers will often resort to harming self since family life and/or school is stressful. Possibly the teen struggles in school and falls short of expectations, or else at home the attention the child needs is not available. Thus, the pain initiated will cause adrenaline to rush, which in return gives the addict an affect of feeling high. This sometimes relieves the craving to feel pain, and often the person will cease until the need reappears.

Pain Addiction leads to Suicidal Tendencies

Some people enduring pain addictions may also experience suicidal tendencies. The tendencies are brought in by depression, which triggers cases of death. Young adults tend to slice their wrists, neck, arms, or legs while issuing pain.

If the person is truly contemplating suicide, they will not allow others to become aware of this thought. Those telling others that they are suicidal are crying for help, yet most times, they are seeking attention. Most teenagers will carve letters into their flesh, such as the letter X, or else carve straight lines across the wrist.

Any signs or threats of suicide regarding its motive should not be taken lightly. Accidents can lead to death even if the person does not truly intend to commit the act of suicide. Thus, most persons issue pain is seeking pleasure, while issuing pain will accidentally slice the wrist deeper than intended. Thus, the person may feel frighten when cutting self beyond his/her means, and will attempt to deal with the situation self, yet sometimes it is in vane.

Note: Some paid addicts will experience suicidal thoughts and/or tendencies and will choke self, which often comprises cutting off the blood flow to the brain. The brain will go into shock, which kills the brain cells and can cause brain damage and/or death. This will cause the person to lose balance, and often they will fall helpless to the ground.

If you notice someone with scars on their wrists, neck, arms, legs, etc stay vigilant and seek help immediately.



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