Overcoming Alcohol Addiction Tips and Self Help

Here are some overcoming alcohol addiction tips and pointers that you can use as self-help to overcome your addiction. Whether you’re trying to kick the habit on your own or whether you’re looking for self-help pointers that can supplement a recovery program, the following will help:


1. Find your motivation

Make a list of all the reasons why you’re searching for overcoming alcohol addiction tips today. How is alcohol affecting your life, your relationships, and your job? If possible, start a journal where you can jot down your thoughts, feelings and other issues relating to your addiction and where you can also chart your progress.

2. Don’t lose hope

If you slip up at first, don’t lose hope. Remain optimistic even if you fail to abstain in the beginning.

Regard your recovery as a challenge; a goal you set for yourself and deal with setbacks as stepping-stones to success.

3. Stay away from triggering situations and people

This is one of the overcoming alcohol addiction tips that will help to prevent setbacks and regressions.

Avoid people, situations and places that are triggering. For instance, you should avoid bars, or the sort of parties where you will be expected to drink.

4. Take up a hobby

You may find yourself preoccupied with the idea of drinking now that you’ve decided to get sober. Keeping busy with work or even a new hobby will help take your mind off your addiction. A new hobby will give you a new interest, a new skills to acquire or goals to work towards.

5. Find ways to manage stress (coping mechanisms)

If you find that you drink every time you’re stressed, finding ways to healthy coping mechanisms are vital to alcohol addiction recovery. One of the overcoming alcohol addiction tips is to learn relaxation techniques: visualization, yoga and meditation can really help here.

6. Try alternative therapies

Acupuncture is seen to lower stress and enhance general well being which may help you deal and defeat your addiction. Similarly, other alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy and others can also help.

7. Allow people to help

Don’t reject people’s help. Getting support of people close to you may be very valuable for your recovery. They can help by not drinking around you, and could help you control your stress levels.If coming right out to friends about it is too difficult, you can try a drug and alcohol hotline to begin the process of opening up to someone and take a step towards eventually seeking help from close friends.

8. Exercise regularly

Exercise is one of the overcoming alcohol addiction tips that helps increase the levels of certain hormones in the body. This is why exercising regularly can bolster your aim of sobriety.



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