Opium Addiction

Opium is a highly addictive drug, which has spread its bad effects all over the world irrespective of line of controls. Millions are fallen victim to this powerfully addictive drug.

Opium came from plants, yet the chemical is present in seeds, such as the poppy. Once the drug comes in connection with the fresh airs, it hardens and turns black. Opium has its own characterized order and tastes, which is often bitter. Opium has components that provide a narcotic addictive effect. This causes the cravings to increase.

History goes a Long Way

Opium has been around since the beginning of time. The evidence supports that opium goes back a long way, nearly to the beginning in the early centuries. Opium made its introductory to the Asia countries, which later, it became a produced chemical in many areas of the world. Opium holds responsibility for battles, etc.

Opium addiction is just like other drug addictions. Opium itself contains various substances, which when refined and extracted from the main plant, leads to many types of drugs, including morphine, heroin, etc. Thus, opium is the mother of all drugs.

Opium can be consumed in different ways e.g. in form of a powder. Opium also comes in a solid, dark raw chemical, which is straightly eaten or smoked. The other way is with the help of injections; in this, the substance can directly enter into the blood.

Symptoms of Opium Addict

Opium is highly addictive and it has a tendency to develop physical and psychological dependence very quickly, which means within few encounters with the drug a person can become addict of it. It gives a feeling of calm and well being though this feeling is momentary which fades away within few hours. The ingredients will cause a variety of changes to the body, including psychological and physical changes.

Some people, who smoke opium, often feel symptoms such as drowsiness, dizziness, dry mouth, increase of pulse, constipation, etc. In addition, it is because of these features that Doctors often prescribe opium in form of medications, though in a very small amount. These medicines are often given to patients who are in need of sedatives to relax particular symptoms. However, this way, the person may become accustom to the medicine, which can leads to its addiction.

Addiction leads to Death Sentence

Opium addiction not only harms the physical as well as biological set up of a human being but one can also become mentally ill due to the drowsy effect of this drug. A person in habit of consuming drug cannot live without the same and if he has to, then he just loses control over his urges, which can drive him into wild behavior.

In fact, the problem of drugs is so severe that in some countries anyone taking more than 15 ounces of opium is sentenced to a mandatory death sentence. In almost all of the countries, the production of this drug is banned so is its consumption as well as dealing but despite of all such bans the culprits find their way and usually tries to have more addicts so to have good sale of their product, how ridiculous?

Withdrawing is not an Easy Task

Withdrawing from Opium is not an easy task as the addict suffers all kinds of withdrawal symptoms such as loss of appetite, drowsiness, severe pain, as well as depression in the early period but with his strong determination one can get rid of this addiction. The immediate life after withdrawal may look dump but it is a promise for the better and healthy future.

So, one should not wait to get rid of his addiction as his addiction could get him rid of his life that too in a horrific manner.



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