Nicotine Addiction through Cigarettes and Tobacco

Cigarettes and Tobacco

Cigarettes are probably the most leading addictions of today. Addiction to smoking is reached usually within first year of experimenting with cigarettes, may be for fun or any other reason and later on this shows serious impacts.

Tobacco is the prime ingredient in Cigarettes, which has Nicotine as a key component and it acts as a strong stimulant drug. Nicotine is a leafy plant grown in many areas of the world.

Recently all governments around the globe increased tax on the Cigarettes , but it has not discouraged people to stop smoking. Furthermore, new laws restrict daily smokers to smoke in certain areas, but it failed to stop the smoker’s addiction to the nicotine. Marijuana, cocaine, Smack etc. are all illegal, yet many people use them.

Most Of the Drugs Contains Nicotine

Nicotine has more than 14 drugs that lead to addiction. Nicotine alters the functions of the brain, which stimulates to use the drugs. The drugs will cause symptoms of withdrawal, e.g. if the person tries to quit smoking – anxiety attacks, irritability, etc will occur.

Cigarettes or other forms of nicotine give a person a sense of relief while smoking the drug. Nicotine is one of the most difficult drugs to stop using. Nicotine, the leading drug has claimed millions of lives and will continues to claim more in future.

During Smoking, the body reacts spontaneously to the chemicals. These chemicals get a quick fix to the blood, thus increasing the Blood Pressure. The chemicals affect the heart rate, including the stream in blood moving to the heart resulting to the contraction of arteries. The dangerous chemicals in nicotine include carbon monoxide, which creates the deficiency of oxygen in the body.

Symptoms and Hardening of the Arteries

Though to quit smoking sounds to be difficult but in reality it is not like so, all it needs is only strong determination with strong will power. When you try to quit smoking the major symptoms you would experience includes Irritation, Depression, impatient, mood swings, restlessness, inability to concentrate, heart rate changes, possible weight gain, etc.

Furthermore, it just takes only seven days for the nicotine to remove itself from your body system. If you can make it through these seven odd days, you will pass over those withdrawal symptoms.

Nicotine solidifies arteries, which lead to heart failures. The carbon monoxide damages the walls of the heart artery, thus fatty tissues increase in size. The vessels thin as the result, which in turns hardens the arteries.

Want to Stop Smoking? – Difficulty in the First Step

If you are unable to quit smoking or feel difficulty while doing so, you must seek help of your general practitioner. Medications are available that will help you to stop smoking. But you must have the will to stop; otherwise, no medicine will help you stop smoking. Once you have determined to quit smoking, a support system, including friends and family will automatically builds up which will help you to fulfill your will.

Only the first step to take determination to stop smoking is difficult, then after its all an easy job. After the seven days, it becomes easier. The most important aspect to care about while quitting smoking is to stay away from smokers that may be in your family or peer group. Even it requires avoiding smoking zones or chambers and frequent visits to Bars, Clubs etc.

More Information would always be available to help you, out of this dangerous habit. Smoking is just like any other drug addiction and being a smoker, means you are a drug addict. Always remember that Nicotine is just like a slow poison that pushes not only you but also, the near and dears (passive smokers) towards a death trap.

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