Motivation over Mind – How to overcome Addiction

Addiction For most people, addiction of any sort is very difficult to overcome.

Addictions come in many forms, such as smoking, overeating, drugs and alcohol and even gambling.

Most people can only overcome addiction by motivating themselves to give up the habit. Motivation is in the mind and the precise frame of mind can help you conquer your addiction.

Over a long period of time, addictions happen. It forms slowly and then becomes a mental issue by collaborating with dependency. When you find that you cannot indulge your addiction it becomes frustrating, uncomfortable and for many people, intolerable.

Even if your addiction is not bad for you or your health, it can eat you and make your life more difficult. Others around you will also notice your addiction and it can get in the way of your work or relationships.

Motivation is sometimes hard during additive behavior. It is often difficult to keep on focused and on track when your mind wants to resume the behavior. Motivation is why you do what you do.

When you are ending a negative behavior, you can stop and think about what is motivating you to stop the addiction. Smoking can be harmful not only to your health, but to others around you.

In addition, it is costly. The same applies for consumption of alcohol. Maybe you contribute in other forms of addiction that are not so bad for you such as gambling. While it is not bad for your health, it can be costly. From your family, it can also take away quality time. Whatever it is, you must make a decision on what is motivating you stop.

You will not be great everyday

In addition, when you are trying to split a habit or stop an addiction of any kind you must always keep in mind that you will not be great everyday. The expectation of perfection will break your spirit and will not encourage you when you have hindrances.

Addictions form very slowly over a long period of time and you should not expect that you would be able to break the habit suddenly. Your addiction recovery will take a long time, too. But, with the right motivation, you can break your addiction cycle.

Telling yourself that you are motivated to stop is the key to overcoming addiction. It may take days, weeks, or even months to prevent the habit, but by reinstating the addiction with sometime positive, it is easier.

For those who are trying to stop smoking or give up caffeine, sometimes chewing gum can assist. Anything that can reinstate the negative behavior can take the place.

For those who are trying to stop overeating, maybe a quick walk around the block to take their mind off the food can help.

Reward yourself to get motivated

When you reward yourself, motivation is sometimes easier. Everyone is different, but some type of reward can often motivate the weakest person. A reward system can work for nearly any type of addiction.

Another great way to stop an unwanted addiction is to besiege yourself with positive people and always record your success. Both of these are good motivators when you are trying to stop an addiction.

If you are trying to stop drinking, then surround yourself with others who do not drink. Those are the people that can support and motivate you in a tricky situation and will not tempt you to fall back into your old practice.

When you keep track of your success, you will also feel motivated to continue. This can be in the form of writing a journal, keeping a log, or just talking to someone who has been with you all through the process.

You will see how far you have come, even if you have set back and you will stay motivated, focused, and want to carry on.

Give up the Addictions

In order to beat most addictions, you must motivate yourself to stop the habit. Addictions have a way of sneaking into our lives and most of the time; we may not even notice that we have had six cups of coffee or played online poker for three hours straight.

Addictions are habits and are performed repeatedly. Sometimes, these additions become so embedded in a person’s mind that they continue without a thought.

A person who has little control over their mind or is weak-minded can have a much more difficult time defeating the addiction.



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