Most Weird Addictions Around The World (Infographic)

People have some strange and weird addictions. The term addiction basically indicates a habit which becomes compulsive for a person and is very difficult to give up. Smoking, drinking and doing drugs are some of the common and easily found addictions but there are certain addictions which are absolutely bizarre and might sound very rare and even unheard of.

The reason for these strange addictions could be many. While some addictions take birth from chronic disease, some result due to memory and related circuitry. Dysfunction in any of such circuits can result in social, biological, spiritual or even psychological manifestations which take form of addictions.

It is weird to know that some people have a strange addiction to eat toilet paper while some have a weird obsession about getting cosmetic procedures done! Everybody must have heard about addiction of sex but even dirt eating is an addiction and is technically called Geophagia. It is not surprising to know that some people have an addiction of shopping but when you hear that some individuals have an addiction of attending funerals, you are filled with a feeling of shock.

Some other weird addictions include hair pulling, chewing ice, tanning and watching pornography. Some causes of these addictions include genetics, mental health concerns, physical or sexual abuse, low self esteem and low tolerance for frustration.

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Most Weird Addictions Around The World



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