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Today there are many types of addictions, including pain addictions, alcohol, drug addictions, sex addictions, pornography addictions, love addictions, eating addictions, etc. Before it is over with the entire world will have some form of addiction. At times, the law takes, i.e. the law and experts and mental health takes addictions way too far.

Alcoholic Addiction Takes Lead in Addictions

Nowadays the statistic polls of alcoholism alone have reached to limits beyond human understanding. social drinkers could have one drank and get pulled over by the law, thus this person regardless of if it is true or not, is now an alcoholic. The definition of alcoholism to mental health experts and the criminal justice is anyone that gets in trouble with the law, or commits a crime, is an alcoholic. Many times, the truth is buried beneath the inaccurate reports of the law, and misinterpretations of the experts and law.

In Michigan, if you have 0.8 alcohol content you are going to jail. This is crazy, since this level is around or less than one can on beer, which is never enough to affect the minds ability to think. In few incidents were alcohol was involved the driver was hit by another vehicle, who was totally responsible for the accident, yet the party drinking was totally blamed. This happens frequently, yet the law and mental health experts will claim otherwise.

Drug, Sex, Pornography, Pain and Love Addictions

Still there are addicts that suffer resulting from alcohol abuse, or other types of addictions, and this we must consider.

Alcohol addictions primarily during alcohol, using the substance to relieve stress, depression, anxiety, etc.

Drug addicts primarily used drugs, (sometimes more than others, i.e. various types of drugs did) to relieve the stress steaming from life.

Sex addicts will engage in sexual pleasures, including was self, or others to reach a high, and to eliminate stress. (I.e. if we are not considering the more dangerous sex addictions)

Pornography addicts is a complicated problem, since this addiction not only affects the addict, it affects everyone around them more so in some cases than any other addiction.

Pain addicts are deadlier to themselves, more so than they are two others, yet at times they could become deadly to other people.

Love addictions or relationship addictions is ludicrous, since no evidence is clear that titles this situation an addiction. Love addicts will often jump from one relationship to another to fulfill a need. Yet we must consider this notion that this may not be an addiction, since withdrawal symptoms are not clear. These types of symptoms included in love addictions link to narcissism, neurotic, and other mental disorders, personality problems, traits, tendencies, etc.

As you can see today, we have more addictions than we had at onetime. In addition, onetime the only addictions were gambling and alcohol with drug addictions and the background.

Who causes addictions?

The answer is quite clear. Who came up with the chemicals and/or substances that started addictions? If you can answer this then you know who causes addictions, as well as was solely responsible for the addictions. Yet now we have another problem, since the sole responsible parties are blaming others (denial) rather than taking responsibility themselves. What did a result? It resulted in victims escalating in surpassing figures.

Help for addicts

Myrtle Houses is one of the sources available that helps those suffering addictions. AA and NA meetings are available to those suffering from alcohol and/or drug abuse. The Internet has valuable resources that put you in connection with help. Counselors might offer help, i.e. in fact this might help you more so, since addictions are rarely the true problem, rather mental issues are.



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