Marijuana Addictions

Is Marijuana an Addictive Drug?

At one point, I disagreed that marijuana is an addictive drug, but after interviewing a party addicted to marijuana, I’ve concluded that it is possible to rely on marijuana. Marijuana is smoked in rollup papers, pipes, bombs, etc. Marijuana can be smoked as hash, i.e. hash is different yet it gives the same affect as marijuana. If the person is addicted, they will smoke the marijuana anyway they can, including poking holes in cans to smoke the drug.

Marijuana is grown as a plant throughout the summer and is produced as a joint or smoking drug during the wintertime. The person picks the leaves and buds, targeting the buds since the buds give the best high effect. The leaves are thrashed, since the buds are more potent. After the plant is hung upside down for curing, (The TAC drains and the buds are more potent during this phase) the marijuana is developed.

The impact Of Smoking Marijuana

One person started smoking marijuana at a young age, and after the first, the joint he began smoking marijuana ongoing. The person was about fifteen-years of age when he tested the drug. He had a good time experiencing the drug, thus the experience was pleas useable. At this point, he smoked the drug after the first joint, smoking until his fifty-fourth, birthday and there continuing. At first, he started smoking two or three times monthly, but later he began smoking the drug any time he could get the drug. The person had an alcohol addiction prior to this, but after a severe accident that nearly claimed his life, alcohol stopped and marijuana became the drug of choice.

Marijuana according to the source is addictive because it becomes a want and a need. He feels that anytime he is around person’s smoking marijuana, he wants a hit. It is similar he says to drinking alcohol around an addict of alcohol without offering.

Marijuana as a medicine for Disease

Marijuana according to a health magazine that regardless of what you think about marijuana, a person diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease was treated with marijuana and it enhanced his ability to perceive and think clearly. Thus, the person could remember again. Marijuana is also used for treating Glycoma, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Different Types Of Marijuana

There are different types of marijuana, which has names, including duh weed, which is like what was I going to do. The person does not feel like doing anything other than sleep. Other types of weed and/or marijuana, including get-up-and-go weed or gitty-up-go weed, which gets the person energized and they get things done. Some of the types of marijuana include, Columbia Gold, which is said to be a better choice of marijuana.

After the person tries the drug, he/she will experience cravings to continue the drug. The person wants more often after smoking the drug. After smoking the joint, however the buzz or high stays as long as an hour. After the joint has worn off the person desires to smoke more, but if it is not available, they prefer to lie down and sleep.

Disturbing Part about Marijuana Addictions

This is the disturbing part about marijuana addictions, i.e. the person rarely experiences withdrawal. The person learns to accept that since the drug is not available that they can live without the drug. Therefore, I’ve concluded that more evidence and facts are needed to claim this drug as an addictive drug. The only desire or compulsion of this drug is that it is like a potato chip, you want more than one.

For more information pertaining to marijuana, it is advisable to seek out information. While this is considered an illegal drug the drug is proving to help others heal from diseases, or minimize symptoms of diseases, as well the drug statistically shows that no one has died from this specific drug or the use of this drug.



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