Love or Relationship Addictions

The world is turning upside down, especially as new addictions come into play. Love addictions or relationship addictions are a person that cannot survive without a mate in their life.

Healthy Relationship vs. Addictive Relationship

To give you an idea of a health relationship verses an addictive relationship we can consider the following:

Healthy relationship : a person in this relationship has learnt to love self and others, and can survive on his/her own, or else in a relationship.

Addictive relationship : a person addictive to love will find it difficult to stand alone, i.e. the person jumps from relationship to relationship, and most times the relationships are unhealthy. The person has not made a connection with self, i.e. the person hasn’t learnt to love self. This person will put up with anything all to stay in a relationship, including abuse both mental and physical.

The signs

A person addictive to love lacks nurturing or development and will often strive, seeking attention. This is a narcissistic personality disorder that leads them to the addiction.

The person is often emotionally detached from self and isolated mentally as well as physically, thus the person will remove self from supporting members, i.e. family or friends.

The person will often appeal to society as a productive person, yet inside the person is hiding through disintegration. The person will often strive on drama impact relationships since intensity is mistaken as intimacy. The person strives to avoid abandonment and rejections, and will often lack trust.

Persons with these addictions are angry inside, since the sense of nurturing was denied, or else the person was abandoned during his/her earlier phase of life. Often these people suffer, depression and will manipulate their situation in an effort to control others. The person perceives elements of relationships, such as attachment, magnetism, and sex as a human requirement.

Feelings of Love Addicts

Addicts of love will feel helpless when a partner does not exist in their life. In other words, the person is dependant on others to fulfill needs. The person will often consider that mates are the only purpose in life that makes a person complete. This person will often escalate to higher risk behaviors, in which the person’s tolerance level changes. The person feels a strong desire to control others, as well as controlling self and situations.

Most persons addicted to love will have addictive symptoms, which include compulsive disorders and/or obsessive-compulsive disorders. When the person does not have a mate, the person might resort to attention-seeker strategies to lure in a mate. These types might sleep with multiple partners until someone agrees to join in a relationship.

Sexual Relations with Love Addicts

The parties having sexual relations with these types are often viewed as partners, i.e. the partner is under control of the addict. The sex is often utilized to relieve pain stemming from emotions, or else to modify the moods. The person will continue to dispute any allegations that they have a problem. Addicts of love often have desperate personalities, driven compulsions.

Love addicts confuse sex or chemical attractions as a sign of love. The person often exposes tendencies to engage in sex mistaken it for love. Living in secrecy the person will often live double lives, i.e. showing self as a society prone person in front of people and a mentally ail person outside of society.

Most times the person is in denial, and has difficulties deciphering his/her needs or wants. This specific addiction is said to be less severe than other common addictions, however this is far from the truth. Anytime a person is addicted to something that leads them to high risks, the risks are still extreme.



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