Know The Difference Between Addiction and Enjoyment!

There is a thin line between enjoyment and addiction. When you go a little overboard with enjoyment then it leads to addiction. There is nothing morbid about enjoying something. The classic sign of addiction is denial and is often hard to notice. It is very important to observe the signs of addiction in order to terminate it. If observed in time then any addiction can be treated appropriately.

Addictions can be of any kind and must be treated appropriately. There are a few common warning signs that can be seen in every type of addiction.

Know The Difference Between Addiction and Enjoyment

Some of these signs are

  1. Craving:

Craving is the most typical sign on any addiction. Initially you used to enjoy the substance to which you are addicted. But now it has become a necessity for you. You crave for that particular thing. You seem to be obsessed with it and your daily life depends on it severely.

  1. Pondering about it:

Even if you are not taking or consuming it very often you are thinking about it almost all the time. This symptom can be found in initial stages of addiction. You might often find yourself mulling over the substance of your addiction irrespective of the time as if it were some fantasy. This stage leads to craving.

  1. Irresistible:

You will observe that you are unable to resist the substance. Once you have started consuming it you are not able to stop until it is finished. This can prove to be very dangerous. Your desires are pushed off the limits and there’s no way you are able to get enough of the substance you are addicted to. Whatever this thing is, it has overpowered your will to stop.

  1. You start hiding:

It would be soon that people are going to start noticing the change in your behavior due to your addiction. To cover up the behavior change you start lying with people and start hiding things. You will observe that you are not being true to yourself as well as to others around you. These behavior changes affect your life to a great extent. You become careless and irresponsible or you start skipping your appointments and missing deadlines.

  1. Making fake promises:

It won’t take you long to realize that you are addicted to something and you obviously would want to get out of it. Soon you would start promising yourself as well as other about not consuming the substance or about taking care of the addiction but you would see yourself fail every time. You will see self-control slip out of your hands slowly and will realize that you are unable to do anything.

  1. You are going rogue:

Addiction costs money. Nothing comes for free and addictions are almost always expensive. You will slowly observe your bank balance going down. Addiction cost a lot of things other than money. You will notice that your relationships are failing and you are becoming distant with people you were once close.

Addictions can be dangerous and can even claim lives. If you ever think that you are addicted to something or observe any of the above symptoms, then don’t shy away from taking help or joining rehab sessions.

If you think that someone around you is addicted to something and you have noticed something odd in their behavior, then reach out to them and help them without any hesitation. Excess of anything is harmful. Addiction to anything is a serious matter and should be dealt with sensitively.


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