Kleptomania Addictions

What is Kleptomania?

Kleptomania is an addiction, since the person often feels the impulse to steal to satisfy a desire. Kleptomaniacs will steal even if they have money to pay for the items. Often they will steal items of no value, or something they do not need in the first place.

Kleptomaniacs will steal anything when the impulses take over, and often it is for the thrill of the act. The kleptomaniacs have impulsive control disorders and compulsive disorders. They will often throw away items stolen with the exception of few. Some will collect items stolen and never throw them away. The kleptomania is addicts since they will feel a rush of adrenaline while stealing. It is more a ‘you can’t catch me,” type of thing.

Kleptomania according to few is an easy fix problem, yet this is an outright lie. Kleptomanias have more than an addiction to stealing. While some claim kleptomania is a disease, it is far from the truth. In fact, anyone with additions or so-called disease has underlying mental illnesses that lead them to these types of problems.

Few Studies

My brother is a full-blown alcoholic and specialists have tried to treat him to help him recover; yet none has succeeded because they fail to see the true problem. True problems are coming from the mental illnesses.

Another person I studied closely was in fact a kleptomania, habitual criminal, habitual liar, and forever problem. Yet, her problem was extreme. While psychiatrist diagnosed her with Bipolar and Posttraumatic Stress-PTSD, I saw otherwise. This woman had antisocial personality disorders, coupled with other disorders. The woman wrote bad checks, stole, etc and this was ongoing. The counselor was thoroughly deceived by this woman, and thus for more than twenty-five years this woman adhered to these behaviors. Therefore, those claiming that this is an easy fix are merely lying to you, or else the person is misinformed.

Where Kleptomaniacs fall into Addiction Category?

Where kleptomaniacs fall into the addiction category; is because the symptoms are similar to addictions, including alcohol, drugs, etc. Kleptomaniacs often endure antisocial personality disorders, maniac depression, conduct and impulsive personality disorders, etc.

In other to fix the problem, ongoing therapy is needed. Kleptomaniacs are not an easy fix; rather they will need continuing therapy, since antisocial personality disorders is involved and no cure is available. As you can see this addiction is more severe than most addictions, i.e. this addiction can lead to death. The person after a time may tire out of the addiction and move onto to crimes that are more dramatic. Antisocial Personality Disorder is a variant, rather this disorder is re-titled (psychopath).

Helping the Addictives

If you know anyone suffering addiction, it is wise to ask for help. Often people with these types of disorders and addictions are in constant denial and will rarely ask for help. For the most part, they will ask for help when criminal prosecution occurs, yet it is a superficial plea.

One thing you never do is cover up any wrongful behavior of a loved one, i.e. if you notice your loved one stealing take measures to report him/her to the authorities. I know this sounds harsh, but if you continue to enforce consequences, just maybe your loved one may get the point.

Consequences might need pointed out to the extremes. Therefore, showing tough love is the ultimate solution for helping these people move toward recovery. If you can lead the person to a therapist this can help, but the truth is no medication is available to control these types of addictions and personality types.

Still, a therapist may offer some assistance in moving toward control, however, rarely are you going to find a counselor that will focus on recovery, because again this specific addiction and disorders has no available treatments for recovery.



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