Kids and Drug Addictions

The Weed Effect

Weed is a common drug that kills the brain cells, and makes the brain run slower. The body adapts to this addictive feeling then everything changes. Music is a very important part of being high, especially for teenagers. One minute the weed is bunk, i.e. I am not high, the next minute the person is buying weed to better the high. Their excuses to get weed, range from, I’m going with my friends to the movies, or else out to eat.

Some adults often do drugs too, however more peer pressure to kids nowadays, causes mood swings and the herbs of course relieves the stress. The high is as if good for a short time, and then you feel hungry, which the common word is, I have the munches. The weeds make moving difficult and you do stuff you don’t notice. You can’t focus and normally, it’s right before your eyes, but mentally you won’t know. It’s as if you are blind just skipping over things you look for that you try to find.

Oxycotton ,VIKADEN and Drinking

Oxycotton is another of the drugs that are actually prescribed and this drug is used, as well as cocaine, i.e. Oxycotton is a snorting drug. The drugs send a numb feeling throughout the body, which often feels weird, yet very enjoyable once you get adjusted to the drug. The head rush is something else people enjoy.

VIKADEN is known to affect, yet it depends on the milligrams, yet when you are on cloud nine, you know it is sort of like weed. The paranoid brings things on, such as did you see that man. There may not be a man there, yet you feel you are seeing things, yet you will consider the drugs to capture you and put you in a different world. Many find the hallucinations frightening, yet when they try to get help the person is put in the hospitals and labeled crazy. Certainly, places such as this deny, yet they probably have identical problems, but who’s to blame. Is it the pills you were snorting or the herbs you were smoking? Remember drugs hurt, not help. Drinking comes to you in different lights also.

Drinking comes to you differently since it is legal, yet drugs spill out a new concept, still drinking affects the liver. This hurts people, yet drinking people will react totally different. Some emotional, some angry, etc, and you can never tell, but it is used to extremes and often used as an excuse. In the long run, the liver will be destroyed, yet some will use alcohol to relieve pain and suffering.

Why do Kids become Addicted?

Children today are subjected to alcohol, drugs, violence, nudity, as well as many other harmful immoral actions and visions. The television is one of the largest promoters of teenage violence, sex, drugs, alcohol, and so forth. The music today is another promoter of teenager drugs, violence, sex, etc, yet no one is paying attention, since morality, values and standards are at its lowest today.

Why do kids become addicted? Some kids become addicted to drugs brought on by peer pressure, while others become addicted from curiosity. The old saying, curiosity kills the cat, is one of the ultimate folk tales today that has proven brutally true. If you know any children pursuing drugs, be the adult and report the actions to the proper authorities. The child may be angry now, but later he/she will thank you. Furthermore, it is important to teach your child that it is ok to say no. No is not a bad thing, rather it is a defense to protect your child.



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