Internet Addiction

Even the Internet can be an addiction. Although Internet Addiction is not yet an official disorder, obsessive Internet use is a real trouble for some today.

Internet Addiction Symptoms

Some of the Internet addiction symptoms are:

  • Checking email too frequently during the day – every day.
  • Sneaking online to sites that you shouldn’t visit.
  • Others say that you are indeed online too much.
  • Going online every day, rarely taking a day off.
  • Using the Internet more and more, while going out into the real world less and less.
  • Sneaking online and checking email when you should be doing other things like working. Arriving before work, skipping lunch, staying after work, avoiding co-workers, avoiding meetings– to use the Internet.

Internet Addiction Help

But these trouble spots of Internet can be overcome. Similar to other addiction recovery, recognizing the Internet addiction as a problem is the starting point. Facing “why” the escape from the real world is necessary is next. Then decreasing online activity and replacing it with healthier activities can help the person get back to normal.

Other Internet Addiction Help

Other ways of helping the people with Internet addiction are to monitor and log use, then set aims for daily activity in its place and follow up with more monitoring and premeditated planning. Being logging “when” you go online and “why” and “where.” Then over time, cut back usage by replacing substitute resources for your attention.

For instance, grab the phone and call others, instead of emailing people all day long. Allow yourself one hour and play solitaire or visit with a neighbor or friend and play a board game like chess, instead of playing games on Yahoo all night.

Grab some nonfiction self-improvement books, popular magazines or daily newspapers and learn more about the industries in your work environment or about nonprofits of interest and how you can join in their causes, instead of reading ebooks and forum posts for hours on end.

Take charge and keep your mind enthused and yourself active in the real world. Even a counselor suggested by a healthcare provider may be about to help with this procedure. Regarding Internet addiction, since the goal is to spend less time online, getting online help is probably not a good idea.

So seek help from those referred by your local healthcare providers for starters. Monitoring online activity, what triggers jumping online each time, and replacing it with more appropriate, healthier activity is the key to recovery.



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