How to Deal with Internet Addiction Disorder

Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD), Problematic Internet Use (PIU), or Compulsive Internet Use (CIU) are synonyms of the same disorder. These are all ways to define the same problem that is the excessive use of Internet, so much so, that it starts interfering with your day to day life.

Researchers are divided over the issue, that whether it is itself a disorder, or a symptom of a disorder. Therefore there is an ongoing debate over the issue that whether it should be called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or Impulse Control Disorder.

Researchers say that it is a psychological disorder as a result of certain underlying problems and therefore people like to live connected to the virtual world, to escape from the real world’s problems and sorrows, and thus feel happy.

Staying online for them works like a stress buster. But on the other hand it has innumerable side effects, such as sleeplessness, lack of attention, staying away from the real world, becoming unsocial, losing the ability to express themselves etc. Parents are becoming more and more concerned about their children as it is surely hampering their health and studies.

deal with internet addiction disorder

Ways to Deal with People having Internet Addiction Disorder

Be Patient

The foremost requirement of dealing with an internet addiction disorder is to be patient and understand the reason for the disorder. Do not take any sudden decisions, such as to cut of internet connection etc. Any sudden decision may outrage the individual as that may mean a sudden snatching away of all happiness of that person. This may lead to depression too.

Show Care, Love and Trust

You have to tactically handle net addiction cases. First you should develop trust between both of you. This you can do by showing love and care towards the person. Once a healthy bond of love, trust and care is built, then only you will be able to ask the person to share his or her inner feelings and problems, which keep troubling them in their daily real life. Once these problems are lessened, the person will be more inclined to their daily life and stay away from their world of internet.

Get Computer Savvy

To deal with a disease, a doctor needs to understand the disease himself first. Similarly, to deal with net addiction, you need to be computer savvy yourself. This will help you to understand the software and go through the history to find out which sites were visited, to know the inclinations of the person. By this you can understand what kind of sorrow or problems the person is facing. This will help you to address the problem and help to solve, so as to remove internet addiction.

Be Friendly and Set Reasonable Rules

If you try to be strict all of a sudden by snatching away the mobile or computer, then the affected mind will consider you as his or her worst enemy, and may react likewise. Sudden reactions will bring withdrawal symptoms, such as anger, irritability and nervous breakdown etc. Therefore first talk about the issue with the person himself, to make him aware of about the problem you are witnessing, or the upcoming future problems regarding health and college scores. Then set a time table and include an hour or so for internet daily, or a little more time in the weekend. This will help build up confidence and gradually lessening of the internet hours will help in dealing with the problem.

Although dealing with Internet Addiction Disorder is difficult, but not impossible. Desired results can be achieved by tactfully handling the issue.


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