How To Deal With A Facebook Addiction?

online chatLike millions of people around the world between the ages of eight and 108 you may have a Facebook account.

And, like those millions upon millions of people around the world with a Facebook account you may very well have an addiction to your Facebook account.

Facebook has brought people together from kindergarten and lost family members from around the globe yet this doesn’t mean spending hours upon hours every day on Facebook is safe for us.

Some ways to help with your Facebook addiction are to limit your time, clock your time and mark yourself as ‘off-line’ so people cannot instant message or attempt to chat with you.

Allow yourself 30 minutes in the morning when you wake up. Don’t get on your Facebook page immediately when you wake up. First have your coffee or your cereal or whatever it is you do for your morning routine.

Once you are ready, log onto your Facebook account. Set your cell phone alarm for 30 minutes later. When your cell phone alarm goes off you must log off your Facebook account.

Also, don’t let everyone in cyberspace know you are online. How many times has your ‘just going to be on 5 minutes’ gone into hours because people kept instant messaging you? You don’t have to answer these communications.



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