Helping Yourself Stop Nicotine Addiction

nicotine addictionThere’s no question: if you are a smoker, it is hard to quit. But recent research shows that using nicotine replacement therapy can help you succeed.

In fact, even if you’re only trying to cut back on smoking, using nicotine replacement therapy can help you quit.

Until recently, medical advice for stopping smoking was simple: just stop. While that advice is easy to give, it is far from easy to follow.

Nicotine is an addictive substance, and stopping any addiction is difficult, especially when the addiction has a variety of components, including physical, mental, emotional, and social. [nicotine addiction]

Medical professionals were reluctant, however, to encourage people to cut back on cigarettes gradually, fearing that encouraging a reduction wouldn’t actually get people to quit.

New research is showing that that isn’t the case. In fact, even smokers who don’t think they are ready to quit often find themselves quitting when they use nicotine replacement therapy to help themselves cut back gradually, according to the new study.

In a recent study twice as many people were able to go for 6 months without smoking when they used nicotine replacement. Studies also show that people who can make it 6 months without smoking seldom take up smoking again.

Chances are you didn’t become a smoker with the very first cigarette you smoked. You tried several cigarettes over a period of time and then you become hooked.

Stopping smoking is the same way. On average it takes between 6 and 11 attempts at quitting before you are successful. Now you have a new tool in your arsenal, one that has been proven to be successful.



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