Gambling Addictions

The all-mighty dollar driving people to addictions

Gambling additions existed long before Gambling Casinos were available online. In Asia alone up to 21% of the poll respondents claimed they were pathological (alter or disease cause) gamblers. At least sixteen percent of Asians claimed they had gambling problems. The poll gave a statistical rate on American gamblers, claiming the 1.6% was compulsive gamblers, and another 3% had gambling problems. According to the experts in mental health pathological disorders, is psychiatric related?

In fact, I believe the logic, since after study human beings I noted that obsessive-compulsive disorders underlie the problem for many gamblers.

The Backers

What are the backers in gambling addictions? Envy, greed, and the all-mighty dollar in whole is the backer of gambling additions. Many gamblers strive to surpass others by gaining power and control through money. Others are consumed in materials that adrenaline flows and impulses erupt when the opportunity comes along that enables them to gamble. Still, some people will literally result to crime, i.e. theft and sometimes-even murder while considering the all-mighty dollar.

Other backers of gambling addictions could stem from poverty. When a person struggles, through life, it becomes tiresome and often the person may find an easier answer to escape the problems. Other backers include the Casinos them self, and the laws that allow gambling casinos to continue.

Excitement is another backer in the gambling industry. Many times the gambling arena brings in immoral practices that lures in the gamblers. Immoral practices such as soliciting sex, alcohol, etc is part of the backers in gambling addictions.

Competition follows in pursuit, since this country has done nothing but promote competitive behaviors, which can lead to murder, and has in fact problem true.

Addictions are compulsive desires for the purpose and usage of habit-forming targets, including nicotine, gambling, alcohol, heroin, crack, cocaine, etc, yet the addiction is characterized by the lacking of tolerance and physiological symptoms relating to the disease. Persistence to avoid withdrawal symptoms will often drive a person to drink, drug, or else gambling. Still, these are not the only addictions we are facing in this immorally ill world.

During the early parts of 1957, two men discovered that a gambling addiction existed, yet the problem is not the beginning of gambling problems we face today. This two men discussed in this article are the first to start Gamblers Anonymous, still, gambling problems date back further than this time.

Signs of Gambling Problems

Some people believe differently regarding addictions, but if you are missing work hours or school time, resulting from gambling habits, likely then you have a problem. Does your friends and family see you as a greedy ill person? In other words, what has gambling done to your reputation, or status in life? Do you feel embossed because of your gambling problem? Do you habitually borrow cash to support your gambling habits? Is gambling habits putting harmful thoughts in your mind, such as robbery, theft, etc?

Help is available if you feel you are a pathological addict of gambling or if you feel gambling problems is an issue. Gambling Anonymous is one of the sources available that offers support to those with gambling problems. If you have a close-nit family and/or friends you might want to consider explaining your problems to your family/or friends.

Self-talk is excellent for helping. Inside you are a personal psychiatrist that can offer you support for a variety of problems. Role-playing and self-talk combined ongoing can do more for the mind than any second party stepping inside your head, yet you will still need support.

If you have gambling problem, you are not alone and there is nothing to feel embarrassed about, since scores of people are suffering addiction problems, including gambling addictions.



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