Drug Addiction – Crystal METH

Crystal METH is one of the leading drugs today, which is sending thousands towards the addiction line. “Crystal Met amphetamine” is cocaine in another form and its addiction is grapping number of people all over places.

Addiction to any substance always is a critical situation. Addiction refers to the psychological shift from a mere need to complete dependence (can’t do without) on a particular thing or habit. Under this, the brain’s chemistry gets adapted to a particular substance, demanding more of it with passing time and fiercely resisting the discomfort of withdrawal.

Crystal METH – What is it?

Crystal METH is a stimulant that is powerful. The drug targets the CNS (Central Nervous System) of the body, resulting in increase in flow of the adrenaline, which gives user euphoric kind of feel. This is a fabricated chemical and it leads to dependency. Once, consumed the user’s behavior takes on a self-perpetuating life of its own forcing more and more consumption of the drug.

This drug is illegally manufactured in several forms, e.g. powder, pills, capsules, chunks, etc. This form of cocaine can also be injected or snorted, since the users feel that the high comes quicker in this fashion. The problem comes after a short time when the high wears off and the person craves for more of drug to satisfy his urge, which then turned him into addict.

Crystal Addictions – Top in the Whole World

Crystal addictions today are at the top in line of addictions around whole world, with other addictions following. Crystal METH labs are circling in different regions to meet the growing need of its addicts, In spite of l aw enforcement agencies putting together task forces specifically to eliminate these drug users and producers.

Statistics could claim that the prevalent users of this drug are blue-collar employees, students, or poverty-stricken souls, but the truth is that doctor, lawyers, judges, cops, or other high profile individuals, all are involved in this malpractice. In fact, poverty-stricken individuals cannot afford this type of drug, since it is exceptional costly.

Consequences of Crystal Addictions

It’s a kind of addiction, which can lead to a chain system involving not only the addict’s family members but also the whole society. Usually addict loses his sense of right and wrong and would go to any length to meet his requirement thus involving himself in various crimes such as theft or robbery.

Drug addiction not only damages a person nervous system but also interferes with his mental as well as physical capacity and capability.

Most of the times when consuming drug through injection method, the addicts share a common needle which further can lead to the transmission of deadly disease such as AIDS etc. So whatever the mode of consumption the drug always pushes addict on a way of self-destruction.

How to Protect Children?

One has to keep a strict vigil on his children to protect them from this addiction. Drug dealers generally focus on teenagers as a soft target for their product because of their more proneness to be influenced by the social groups as well as their ability to fulfill their needs through good or bad means.

If one notices strange signs in his child’s behavior, i.e. less involvement in family talks, secluding self from others or if the child is acting out in secrecy or paranoia then one must seek help. Children are more susceptible therefore; any child could fall into the hands of a dealer.

Drug addiction can only be controlled by the joint effort of people as well as related governments, as to nab the whole nexus of drug criminals is an uphill task but is getting mandatory in order to protect our coming generation from being getting paralyzed.

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