Different Ways To Quit Smoking And To Get Rid Of Psychological Addiction In Self Healing And Development

Quit Smoking - Self HealingYou should quit smoking as soon as possible, because it provides you healthy benefits.

You cannot stop smoking because of the psychological reason i.e., lack of nicotine.

Your physical craving towards smoking is not more challenging than psychological addiction. Physically you can stop smoking for a week or a month.

But after some days your mind feels tempted because of cool or any other reason. So you should not stop smoking physically, better stop it psychologically.

For getting free from the psychological smoking, you can seek help of a professional. He advices you with some programs that can be followed in a step-by-step procedure.

These programs start from the small exercises to mental exercises then move to more vigorous exercises. These programs first start to get rid of physical craving and then to mental addiction problem.

Follow below mentioned simple ways to stop smoking:

Nicotine patch and nicotine gum are available to stop smoking. The excellent way is hypnosis quit smoking, as success rates of hypnosis quit smoking are double when compared to these smoking aids. If you want better results, you can use nicotine gum or patch along with hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy to quit smoking:

In this therapy, hypnotherapist will not help in giving up smoking (you miss smoking), but he will help you to stop smoking.

  • To stop smoking, treatment is done using your willpower.
  • After you have taken this treatment you will not count days, about how many days you haven’t taken cigarette, just you will become like non smoker.
  • You will prefer smoking, because of having relief over stress and tension. So, Hypnotherapy will provide relaxation methods to have relief over stress and tension.

Following proper diet and involving in the sports will help you in keeping your mind relaxed and make you realize about how the smoking will affect your health. By this treatment your mind will not move towards smoking even you are around many smokers.

  • This treatment will not stop smoking; just they replace food addiction in the place of smoking without unnecessary increase of weight.
  • Another way is to use alternate cigarette which contain less nicotine or whenever you want to smoke, you occupy that time for sports, reading books or taking candies.
  • If you cannot stop smoking suddenly then you reduce the number of cigarettes gradually.
  • You should try to move away from the place, where more people smoke.

What can you gain after you quit smoking?

You will be free from irritation of quitting your smoking with strong will power and determination. By stopping smoking, psychologically you can gain better self esteem. This will provide you the space for career improvements.

Your lung functioning increases and your heart, blood pressure returns to normal levels. If you are physically in the normal position then you can be psychologically fit.

So remember that smoking will not give anything other than problem and it ruins your life.



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