Different Sex Addictions

Sex addictions can be deadly. In fact, sex addictions lead to death in more than one way. There are a several types of sex addicts that can be classified on the basis of their acts as well as their motives behind addictions.

Sex addictions as can be of different type, so can be the various reasons for this mental illness and so different can be the features or habits attached with each kind.

More or less, all kinds of sex addictions are a result of common reasons such as wrong exposure during early age, mentally sickness, being sufferer of similar act or some other psychological factors.

Categorizing Sex Addicts

Addicts can be categorized as Pedophiles, Serial Rapist, Sadism, Serial killer (psychopathic/hedonistic/sociopath) or Hedonistic personality all depending on their motives.


Pedophiles and Sadisms often take pleasure in the sex part, however these people receive gratification far beyond the act of intercourse, i.e. from a distinct feel that they are doing something forbidden and also, getting away with their crime. This thought give them high that comes from a flow of adrenaline in their system.


Sadisms may not commit any acts of crime, and generally seeks out willing partners to engage in bondage. The sex portion is pleasurable to a sadistic mind, when pain and fear accumulates from respective act. Sadisms have pleasure in feeling pain rather than giving pain.

This is less, extreme, yet an addiction underlies the surface.

Serial Killers

Serial killers are addicts of sex in a different light. These types of predators usually collect materials from their victims, as souvenirs. Their main focusing is not on sex as they cause harm to others. Rather they are more interested in the pleasure, or ‘high’ they receive after harming or killing the other person. The thrill then is killing, not sex. A sense of relief occurs when they reached their goal. A serial killer usually visualize their act, which escalates their control and power senses, in turn releasing pressure, thus resulting in more gratification from the sexual act.

Serial Rapists

Serial rapists are another type of dangerous sex addict. These types often have mental illnesses, which forces them to satisfy their aroused urges through force and coercion. They tend to focus on rape, yet sometimes they even kill the victim. In other words, after raping x amount of victims, they lose the pleasure and resort to killing to have same pleasure from the act. Serial rapists are a variant of serial killers, yet not always.

Hedonistic personality types are deviant sociopaths. Often sex is not the focus for these types, yet they seek out pleasure from sex to gratify their superficial needs. They strive to feel loved, but too often they adopt the wrong path without realizing what true love is for. And they generally lie, kill, cheat, steal, seduce, or go for any other immoral activity just to get what they want.

But whatever the kind, sex addict is always a person who endangered their own or the other people’s life. Usually they act as dangerous sex predators with a strong addiction for enforcing their behaviors.

Can Sex Addiction be controlled?

Sex addiction if checked in time can always be controlled. There are numerous counseling and psycho services available that can help a person to curb down his uncontrolled behavior. If ever, a person feels something unnatural or unacceptable with his sex urges he must immediately seek professional help as once he committed an offence

There is no way out but to land behind bars.

Also other people should be equally aware of their duty and responsibility as to help such an addict if he wills to have a normal life or to get him punished for his inhuman acts if he rebels.



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