Dangerous Addictions

Sex Addict

Sex addictions can be deadly. In fact, sex addictions can lead to death in more than one way. There are a few types of sex addicts, i.e. pedophiles. Pedophiles often collect pornography and will keep materials taken from the fatalities. The victims of pedophiles often lose more than their humanity. Unfortunately, pedophiles have no available cures; therefore, the only solution is keeping these people behind bars. Unfortunately, a child is often hurt before this happens. When these types of sex addicts hurt children, it affects the child for life.

Other types of sex addicts are far more dangerous, yet each predator is remarkably similar. Serial killers are addicts of sex in a different light. These types of predators will also collect materials from their victims, as souvenirs. Serial killers also collect pornographic materials, often the type that includes sadism.


Sadism is another type of sex addict, yet these types are rarely harmful to others with the exception of few. Sadisms will engage in immoral relationships including lesbian/gay etc relationships. Often these type of people collect pornographic materials that are sadistic in nature i.e. they will collect materials that illustrate bondage, etc.

Sex is often not the primary focus for these types of individuals i.e. serial killers (psychopathic/hedonistic/sociopath) are not focusing on sex as they cause harm for others, rather they focus on the pleasure or high they receive after harming another person, or even killing the person. The thrill then is killing, not pleasure from sex. The kill then is a form of organism, i.e. a sense of relief occurs when they’ve reached their goal. Serial killers premeditate the crime generally imaging thoughts in their minds, they revolve around killing, yet sexual gratification occurs since the images empower the mind. (E.g., a serial killer will visualize killing, which escalates their control and power senses, in turn releasing pressure, which often occurs during the time a person engages in sex)

Pedophiles and Sadism

Pedophiles and sadisms often take pleasure in the sex part, however they receive gratification far beyond the act of intercourse, i.e. they are doing something forbidden and believing they are getting away with this crime, therefore the high comes from adrenaline. (I.e. I am inevitable, yet I cannot be touched by anyone)

Sadisms may not commit any acts of crime, and will only seek out willing partners to engage in bondage. The sex portion is pleasurable to the sadistic mind, only when pain and fear accumulates from the act (s). In other words, sex sadisms take pleasure in feeling pain rather than giving pain. Sadisms come in a few forms, i.e. serial killers are a form of sadism, serial rapists, and pedophiles are advocates of sadisms. Other types of sadism focus on removing fear, e.g. victims of molestation, rape, etc will use bondage as a form of psychotherapy, since it helps to remove fear. This is less, extreme, yet an addiction underlies the surface, while addiction is less demeaning than common sex addictions. (I.e. the person scares when a person shows them love, thus the focus is to remove this fear in an effort to gain pleasure from sexual intercourse)

Serial Rapists

Serial rapists are another type of dangerous sex addict. These types often have mental illnesses (possibly psychopath, sociopath, psychosis, hedonistic, etc) Serial Rapists tend to focus on rape, yet sometimes they will kill. In other words, after raping x amount of victims, they lose the pleasure and resort to killing to receive the height of pleasure from the act. In other words, serial rapists are a variant of serial killers, yet not always. Either way the two are dangerous sex predators with a strong addiction enforcing their behaviors.

Hedonistic personality types are dangerous, i.e. because these people are deviant sociopaths. Often sex is not the focus for these types, yet they seek out pleasure from sex to gratify their superficial needs. They strive to feel loved, but too often they never know what love is, and will lie, kill, cheat, steal; seduce, etc to get what they want.



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