Crack Addicts and Addictions

Crack addicts by far are the worst types of addicts in the world. Crack addicts will sell their own bodies, sell their children, steal, lie, cheat, connive, etc all in the name of crack. Crack addicts often get started on crack by trying the harsh chemical out of curiosity, and fatally the person lands in a snare that leads them straight into addiction.

Can everyone become addicted to crack?

Still, is crack, an addictive drug and can everyone become addicted to crack? Simply put, no. Some people may try the drug out of curiosity while others may come in contact with the drug (someone putting drugs in a marijuana joint) and may feel miserable after contact and will never use the drug again. (Or else pray no one laces his or her joint again)

Crack addicts often lack mechanisms in their physical or mental area that leads them to drugs. Not everyone that has mental or physical illnesses however will resort to alcohol and/or drugs to relieve their suffering.

Still, something inside the person is driving them to crack to find relief of suffering. Most people that drink heavily or else drug are trying to relieve something inside with the exception of those trying to escape reality.

Crack addicts are complex. It is hard to define crack addicts in whole. Most people that are drug addicts will use a specific drug and/or series of drugs, while crack need crack. No alcohol or other drug will suffice for most crack addicts.

My Experience with Crack Addicts

In my experience, I learnt to detest crack addicts. Of all the people in the world needing help, these people are highly disturbing and crazy in nature. I spoke with a woman that encountered a crack head and the information she provided me was disturbing, and would make anyone angry.

The woman befriended a man over ten years ago, and this person was a real good person. She hadn’t seen him in over ten years, and when they meet again (both happy to see each other) agreed to hang out together. The woman spending time with him found that he smoked marijuana. While she did not like the drug, she agreed to test it out of curiosity. To her surprise she found her self in the floor sweat pouring from her flesh, shaking violently and paranoia set in. the woman furious asked the man what he had done, he said he only put a ‘rock’ in the joint, which in fact is crack.

The man not only violated her by putting the drug without her knowledge into the joint, he also attempted to sodomize the woman. The woman hated this man and never spoke with him again with the exception that every time she seen his car at an establishment, she would stop and cuss him in front of people to let others know what type of person he became.

Where are Human Values?

What do we have here? One good man turning sore by reason of crack cocaine, and one woman victimized by the crack addict and this is not uncommon, i.e. crack addicts don’t care who they hurt.

Another incident occurred in Chicago, while a woman addicted to crack attempted to sell her young daughters (8-9) to strangers all in the name of crack. As you can see, crack addicts will do anything regardless of whom they hurt to get crack in their system. Sometimes these people will become violent if this is what it takes.

As I write this article I attempt very hard not to give off my opinion, however, I will say this, as for crack heads, they need to be institutionalized and permanently removed from society. Some may recover, but for the most of them they resort back to crack.

Crack is a new type of slavery. In other words, a person wanted something done will use drugs, giving it to another person, and that person becomes hooked, the first person gets his wants filled, and now we have two addicts. As you can see, crack is dangerous, enslaving, and exceptional wrong. Unfortunately, most crack addicts will not seek help.



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