Crack Addictions Escalating

Crack addicts are escalating with scores of people daily become addicted to crack. Crack addicts are commonly known as crack heads. The person will often try the drug, which is highly addictive and will often crave the drug.

Crack addicts once addicted will do anything to support their habits. The drug leads them to thievery, lying, soliciting, etc. Drug addicts of this nature will sell their own children, sell their bodies, and will sometimes kill in the name of crack.

In this article, I am going to inform you by offering illustrations of true stories relating to crack and addicts. The victims of these people are eve increasing just as the number of crack addicts is increasing.

A Crack Addict Woman’s Story

One man met a woman online, which turned out to be his worst nightmare. The woman at first was not addicted to crack, but after coming in contact with the drug she chose to try, and become instantly addicted. After she became a crack head, she became obsessively controlling. The woman stole from her mate, using his credit cards, checks and cash to support her drugs. She even traded the man’s vehicle for drugs. He finally got his truck back three days later. The driver in the truck was an eighteen-year old boy, who obviously was a crack addict also.

If he didn’t give money for crack, she would act crazy, throwing tantrums. She ripped his life apart, victimizing him all in the name of crack. He tried to remove her from his residence, asking her to leave, yet she would not go. Confused, he went to the courthouse and took out a PPO (Personal Protection Order), which took three days to receive. He became afraid of this woman, since she threatened to kill him.

His daughter delivered the PPO to the woman still in the home. She refused to leave, the police were called, and finally she was removed from his home. She had caused embarrassment in more ways than one, since during their togetherness. Her son was at his home with a woman, and the woman with the son called the authorities on the entire household. The cops lined up coupled with K-9 dogs, to thoroughly investigate the home, searching for drugs. The didn’t find drugs, but they did find paraphernalia, which in its self is a crime. They found the man’s checkbook also in the woman’s car. While this is one of the less extreme cases of victimization coming from crack head’s, it is still enough to help you see that these people are evil.

Another Story – Women being Victimized

Other cases of crack addictions leading to victimization include a woman. The woman was at a local tavern and went to the bathroom, came out and took a swig of her beer, which in minutes she was nearly unconscious. The woman awoke in a bedroom, her truck was stolen, her purse and all identity were stolen, and in the room with her was one of the persons involved in the crime. He attempted to rape her, but the woman utilized her intellectuals and skills to manipulate out of dangerous situations and escaped the area. The police caught the drivers, which five were in the truck, and they received fifteen-years. Now, the woman had dealings with the police in the past and the police had let her down so many times that she was unwilling to report the crime or participate in having them locked up. Her friend helped her, and made connection with the police, yet she was left wondering if these men raped her, and if so, how many raped her.

Again, this is one of the less dramatic situation brought on by crack addicts, yet it is devastating. Another incident in Chicago occurred when a woman met a couple who she learnt quickly these people were crack addicts. The woman tried to sell her children (with the children listening to this), sell the children to a man she knew. As you can see, crack addicts will do anything in the name of crack and will not care who they hurt. They have no feelings or respect for anyone in existence.



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