Cocaine Addictions

Cocaine addictions are one of the common addictions, yet cocaine addicts are less rare than those addicted to prescriptions are. Cocaine addicts are lawyers, doctors, judges, cops, etc, i.e. these types of addicts come in all types of personalities.

In Houston, Texas, an officer was brought to justice since they found he was addicted to cocaine or crack cocaine. When the bust came, the police department discovered that the house owner was one of their force members.

The black people selling cocaine often sell to pay for heroin in certain areas of Michigan. This is a form of enslavement, since these people have a need, and are luring others into the drugs, thus leading to more addictions. In certain parts of Michigan, these dealers and addicts are selling their children in a drug ring in an effort to get drugs, or drugs that are more powerful to name.

Feelings of Cocaine Addicts

These people have no feelings for others, e.g. in certain areas of Michigan drug addicts went into a home for sale and took over. These people have no feelings for society, or anyone, and all they think about is where they are going to get the next hit.

Drug addicts to an extent do not have a fear of being caught, yet they will often show paranoia, terrified that they will be caught. Some have no fear of the law at all.

Cocaine is a form of speed that gets a person high for a short time, thus after the high ceases the person will start to crave. This leads to dependency and addiction. Some people will snort a line of cocaine through their nose, and after so long of use the high does not give them the appeal it did at first, and thus they increase the lines. In addition, after so long and the drug is not working as it did at one time, the person may resort to crack cocaine or heroin. Otherwise, a person truly addicted to cocaine will run into areas of his/her life where they cannot afford the drug and will go to extremes to find money to get the drug.

Crack Addicts

Crack addicts are by far the worst types of drug users, i.e. these creatures will sell their children, kill their children, kill other people, sell their own bodies, etc all in the name of crack.

These people will steal, lie, cheat, sell, prostitute, kill, harm others, etc all to get a high. Some people are caught, yet others go unnoticed for years, and often these people die from overdoses, drug ring violence, etc. Few live to tell the tale, but for the most part these addicts are going straight down the path of hell.

Fortunately, some people come to their senses in life and stop using the drugs. While this is rare, it does happen. Crack addicts otherwise known as crack heads on the other hand will often use the drug ongoing and rarely do they ever stop. They may stop shortly, but after a while, they will return to using the drug again. Crack addicts do not have the ability to think. They rarely realize what they are doing to self or others.

Problems with Cocaine

Cocaine is a crystalline alkaloid that is developed through coca leaves and used medically to treat certain illnesses, yet this drug is highly addictive. This drug can lead to chronic or non-chronic compulsive psychological problems, I.e. addictions. Cocaine comes in several forms, including powder, smoke, rocks, etc. Crack is cocaine, yet it comes in the form of rocks and it is by far one of the worst drugs on the market. Crack starts at the back of the brain and moves forward until it gradually damages the brain permanently.

If you know, anyone using any illegal drugs reports them immediately. The only way we are going to become a free nation of drug addicts, is to enforce the law.

It’s possible to treat cocaine addiction effectively but addicts will often experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.



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