Binge Eating May Have Long Term Consequences

If you need reasons to cut out binge eating from your life, here’s one more reason – binge eating can negatively impact weight for years to come. According to a new research, just one month of gluttony, could have far-reaching impacts – it can change the composition of body fat for years to come.

binge eatingInstances such as these: a few weeks’ cruise with all you can eat buffets, relocating to a college dorm which results in increased unhealthy eating, and weeks of partying and eating out during the festive season can all have this negative impact on a person’s long term weight.

In the study, subjects reduced their levels of daily activity and increased their caloric intake by 70% by having two fast food meals a day. This was done over a period of 4 weeks.

This group found it more difficult to lose the weight afterward when compared to the other control group. The so called binge group was seen to have an increased fat mass in their bodies, as well as higher LDL (bad) cholesterol levels even one year after the period of bingeing.

For up to 2 and half years after the binging event, the binge group continued to gain weight whereas the control group was stable.



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