Alcohol and Your Beauty

We’ve all heard about the health dangers of alcohol. Health authorities have issued alarming advertising campaigns and fact sheets about liver and heart diseases related to alcohol abuse.

Even schools are now teaching pupils about the dangers of drinking from their early teens. It may seem young, but has become necessary in a country where so many admit to binge drinking and a large proportion of under 18s are included in this.

alcohol detoxBut for those who are simply not disturbed by the shocking statistics or turn a blind eye, perhaps another thing to consider is the effect that alcohol abuse can have on your appearance.

Yes, for those who invest as much in their lotions, potions and beauty products as they do on their weekend drinking habits, you might be shocked to find out that alcohol can adversely affect your appearance.

In the first instance, alcohol is notorious for damaging your skin. As well as drying your skin out and blocking pores, it can lead to premature aging. It is a cause of spots too as well as tired looking, eyes with dark circles underneath them.

So in essence, alcohol can make you look tired, old and spotty. Not a look that’s likely to have you winning any beauty pageants, I’m sure you’ll agree and no amount of aloe vera going to fix it either.

Oh and I forgot to mention that up to ten percent of the alcohol you drink leaves your body straight through your breath, sweat and urine. So yes, continued alcohol abuse can make you smell as well.

Add to that the fact that alcohol is a cause of obesity and cellulite as well and really what we have is a not so pleasant cocktail of side effects. For the beauty conscious, it’s actually something of a nightmare.

Of course, a far bigger concern than pimples and tighter fitting jeans is that of the very real threat of life threatening liver and heart conditions. Of course, nobody is saying that a single night out on the town will make you fat, ugly and life threateningly ill. But consistent and prolonged abuse of alcohol certainly could cause a host of worrying problems.

So if you want to look good and feel good, it would be recommended that you undertake an alcohol detox.

If you do not want alcohol addiction to take a toll on your looks, we recommend that you join an alcohol abuse treatment program the soonest possible time.



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