Alcohol Addictions

I so welcome this challenge. I venture off into the world of criminal justice, courts, psychology, society, victims of DUI, etc, and I stand before you with something that you failed to realize, and now I give it to you. Where do we go from here? MADD or Mad Mothers against Driver and Driver, is nothing more than a bunch of women that got together to complain about a topic, which otherwise these women would be called Bitches. These women are opposes drinking and driving and has made a statement against those that drink, because their child died from an incident that may/or may not be related to drinking.

Alcohol as defined in the psychological manuscript and (no definition is determined) is a person with x symptoms that neglects to see that someone else exists. If I could only put the topic in their words, you would see where I am going. Yet, the world has their, own point of views as to what is right and wrong…who are you?

Drinking Beer – Heightens Memory

If you drink one or two beers in the morning, afternoon, or evening and you feel a sense of high you are an alcoholic. The definition of alcoholism is currently undefined since everyone has his or her explanation of who is alcoholism.

The fact is people that drink often has heightened memory than common people do not have. In fact, people that drink has black outs, non-related to alcoholism, rather related to emotional or mental illnesses.

I’m not going to play the doctor and patient game with you, rather I am giving you experience (far above a degree), degrees, etc, and I will blow you out of the waters when I am done, since mental health experts, law, and many others has mislead those MADD people, misleading them against alcohol.

In few states you will receive a DUI//IOU if you only drank ONE beer. How stupid can anyone be? However, the law is right? Yea in your mothers dream, you had better dream on.

Alcoholic and Alcoholism

The definition of an alcoholic or drug addicted goes something like this: anyone who has difficulty-ceasing drinking is, titled an alcoholic. Anyone who drinks in the morning, afternoon, and evening is considered an alcoholic. Anyone overusing alcohol and/or drugs is an alcoholic and/or drug addiction. Anyone using drugs in general should be a drug addict; however, the definition according the manuals MSM and Criminal Justice manuscripts is overly defined. The two parties tend to over dramatize alcoholism.

Alcoholism is excessive or compulsory employment of alcohol. Alcoholism will show proof that the party in question is in fact an alcoholic when poisons start to develop in the persons bodily organs. Alcoholism is in fact a complexity constant psychological disorder coupled with nutritional disorders linked with excessively and typically obsessive drinking. In other words, mental illness is the problem, while neurotic symptoms underlie the surface, which means anxiety, which is neurotic, is the problem. At what time a person feels anxiety attacks ongoing they will hunt a solution to ease the suffering caused by neurotic symptoms.



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