Alcohol Addictions – Way to Death

Alcohol is not a new word for anyone. Being treated, a social drink it has led to grave consequences for those who just fall in habit of this deadly drink. Alcohol addiction in today’s date is a major cause for the unnatural deaths, which includes the ones in way of accidents that occurred due to drunk drivers.

How Alcohol Addiction Begins?

Alcohol is a sedative hypnotic drug that depresses the central nervous system. The regular intake of excessive alcohol leads a person to addiction. Alcoholism is in fact a complex constant psychological disorder coupled with nutritional disorders linked with excessively and typically obsessive drinking. In other words, mental illness due to damage to neurotic parts is a result of excess drinking.

Alcohol addiction not only destroys a person’s social and family life but can also be a breeding ground for various evils. Whenever talking of an alcohol addict, the maximum chances are that an image of someone living on the fringe, possibly out of work or homeless appears in one’s mind and this is not much away from the reality.

Alcohol when consumed regularly becomes a habit and the addicts mind craves for the larger amounts with passing time as low amounts don’t give him high because of increase in tolerance level of his body. Thus, addiction begins.

Effects of Alcohol

Under high alcohol influence, a person loses control over his senses. He generally has a slurred speech. There could be partial or complete loss of coordination in his acts. A drunk usually have difficulty to stand steady or to walk properly. Impaired attention as well as lack of judgment is the other effect. Addicts also lost their sleep and get more restless due to these biological changes.

The other important effect of alcohol comes in form of Slow Reaction time, which means the capability of a person’s mind to immediately response to emergencies lowers and this is the root cause for the accidents as drunk drivers have less control over their wheel thus smashing others life because of their own addiction.

Alcohol also has depressive effects, which push the person into doomed mood resulting into withdrawal from his active life. An alcohol addict avoids the gatherings and is more pleased with his loneliness. They usually suffer from blackouts.

Though relatively low doses of alcohol relax the user, make them more talkative and animated but to keep the intake limited to low dosages is a very difficult task, which finally ends into addiction.

Alcoholics and their Symptoms

An alcoholic can be defined as a person who has difficulty-ceasing drinking. Anyone who drinks in the morning, afternoon, and evening is considered an alcoholic. Alcoholic is completely dependent on his daily dosages and in case of unavailability he might lose control of his mind and can go overboard to satisfy his intensifying urge.

Alcohol addiction can be confirmed by various symptoms such as developing a strong sense of compulsion to drink, drinking shortly after waking to reduce feelings of alcohol withdrawal, developing a reduced capacity to control how often, and how much one should have or organizing one’s lifestyle around drinking.

Alcohol Addiction Shortens Life

Alcohol addiction not only shortens one’s life but also can damage the other vital parts of the body. It acts as a slow poison, which can harm Kidneys or can effect the functioning of heart adversely. Alcoholics usually give up themselves and are driven by just their urges rather then their mind.

Alcohol addiction is not an incurable disease or addiction but strong determination along with emotional support of family and friends is required. Counseling sessions should be attended if one wants to get rid of his addiction. Leaving this deadly habit is just not a day’s task but with continuous effort one can definitely save own and his family’s life from this addiction.



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